Love for the 'blooming orchid' sex position is growing—here's how to try it yourself

What is the 'blooming orchid' sex position exactly? Here's everything to know about the creative move

What is the blooming orchid sex position? Pictured: Man and woman in passionate embrace against floral background
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Gardening season might be winding down, but the "blooming orchid" sex position is having a moment. According to a recent study from Bedbible, the most popular sex positions in each state have been revealed, and plenty of couples are eyeing the Lotus move. While that flower is certainly beloved, its counterpart also deserves some attention. 

That being said, there might be some confusion as to what exactly the blooming orchid might entail, and whether or not it's worth attempting. But take comfort knowing that we have those bases covered for all those who are curious.

"It is important to experiment, keep the spark alive in the bedroom, and explore new and exciting positions," a spokesperson for Bedbible revealed. "Though with so many out there, it can be a challenge to know which positions to try and if they are going to work for you. Being able to do research beforehand can make you feel a lot more comfortable about experimenting." 

The research has been done. Ready to find out more?

What is the 'blooming orchid' sex position?

Those who have taken a liking to TikTok's "knee thing" will be pleased to learn about the blooming orchid. Like the viral trend, it offers close quarters and an opportunity for some intense eye contact, though there are a few key differences between the two. (Not a problem if you'd prefer to keep your eyes closed during sex, though.)  

First things first: each partner should get down on one knee as if they were about to pop the question. Place your other foot on the floor opposite of your partner's and get close. Then, it's time to make the magic happen. Though it is possible for all genders to try, note that the blooming orchid typically requires one partner to penetrate and the other to receive. 

Couples are particularly drawn to the move because it offers a new environment (the floor instead of the bed) and triggers new sensations. Though it can definitely be an exciting thing to try, do note that it could be tiring on your knees, so make sure you're on a comfy surface when things heat up, as they inevitably will.

What are other creative sex positions to try? 

Sexologists are encouraging experimentation ahead of the fall season—the spice is not reserved for those lattes—so if you're looking to take their suggestions, you can also consider a few of these satisfying yet not-quite-as-common moves. But before you challenge yourself and your partner, make sure to talk about sex, get consent, and prep with the necessary accessories. 

1. The Pretzel Dip

We can't resist a twisty soft pretzel. Though bending our bodies into the snack might not be entirely seamless, the pros insist the Pretzel Dip is worth it. The person being penetrated should lie on their right side while their partner kneels. The one receiving will lift up their left leg while their S.O. straddles the right one and enters them. This allows for deeper penetration.

2. The Ghost Rider

Spooky season is upon us, and decided to get the celebration going with a few frighteningly delightful Halloween sex positions. Ready ghosts, goblins, ghouls? Be warned that this might be a little more of a workout than its predecessors. 

To achieve the Ghost Rider, one partner will lie down on their stomach with a pillow under their hips. Then, Player B will straddle them and lower themselves down until they're sitting on the pelvis. Grab their ankles for support and begin riding back and forth. 

3. Standing Sex

Considered one of the more intimate sex positions to help couples get back on the same page, sex sans bed allows for a "spontaneous surge of passion" and allows you to look deep into your partner's eyes. 

4. The Amazon

No, the Amazon sex position has nothing to do with the rainforest or the retail giant. It's considered a cross between missionary and cowgirl. To make it happen, the penetrating partner lies on their back with their knees up while the receiver straddles them with their knees on either side.

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