Is Nancy from 'Love Is Blind' throwing shade at Bartise's baby announcement?

How did Nancy Rodriguez, 'Love Is Blind's hopeful romantic from season 3, respond to her ex's big news?

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Nancy Rodriguez, Love Is Blind star, left the reality dating experiment crushed when her fiancé, Bartise Bowden, said "I do not" at the altar in season 3.  

Fast-forward a year-and-a-half, and Bartise is announcing to the world that he is a father, conveniently as the Love Is Blind season 4 couples are about to say "I do." (Coincidence?) Though he left the identity of his son's mother out of the equation, fans suspect that he shares little baby Aiden with Olivia Gross, a Dallas resident by way of South Dakota. 

Considering we were so engrossed in the current season's drama, you can definitely color us shocked by the news from this Love Is Blind alum—especially given that Bartise was part of the Perfect Match cast. When was Perfect Match filmed? March 2022. When did Bartise welcome his little one? December 2022. As Instagram users keep saying: "The math ain't mathing."

Now, it looks like Nancy, Bartise's ex, is also chiming in with her somewhat subtle commentary. 

What does Nancy Rodriguez from 'Love is Blind' have to say about Bartise's baby news?

In a TikTok posted on Sunday, April 9, two days after Bartise's announcement, Nancy is seen lip-synching to "BO$$ Chick" by Saweetie with the caption: "Minding my business over here…"

A user commented, "LOL I love how this tells so much without saying anything," to which Nancy replied, "Minding mine….🤓"

Is she really, though?! This little cameo seems pretty telling, and the TikTok community agrees. 


Minding my business over here…

♬ BO$$ CHICK - Saweetie

A quick Nancy and Bartise recap from 'Love is Blind':

Between different political views, past relationships not being completely squashed and a lack of sparks, things were uncertain between Nancy and Bartise. When he rejected Nancy at the altar, she was devastated, and her family was outraged. Given how tumultuous the big day shaped up to be, we were shocked to learn that Nancy was still in touch with Bartise during Love Is Blind: After the Altar season 3

"For me to be happy, I have to allow those that have loved me or that want to love me in my life," Nancy confessed. "It's better for me to keep them as a friend than not have them in my life at all." 

Ultimately, her family and the pod squad persuaded her to not hang onto the relationship any longer, and the two made a fairly clean break. But Bartise came under scrutiny—again—for his behavior on Perfect Match, particularly when he betrayed Abbey Humphreys' trust.  

Bartise earned "villain status," and quickly—something that he's aware of. In his baby reveal, Bartise wrote, "Might’ve been the villain on tv, but I’m gonna be the hero for him. Instagram, meet my little man ❤️ #bigfella," alongside a slew of photos with his kiddo. 

Looks like there's still a little bit of tension between the former pair, but here's hoping everyone moves on peacefully. As for the season 4 contestants, we'll just have to find out during the live Love Is Blind season 4 reunion. Venture over to Netflix on Sunday, April 16 at 8pm ET (5pm PT) to find out!

Love Is Blind season 4 is currently streaming on Netflix. Here's the schedule for all of the upcoming Love Is Blind season 4 episodes.

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