Meet the 'Perfect Match' cast as they embark Netflix's cringiest dating show yet

Recognize anyone on 'Perfect Match'? Netflix cast singles from its other series and things got *incredibly* messy.

Who's who in the Perfect Match Netflix Cast?
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Everyone should look pretty familiar on Perfect Match. Netflix cast singles from a variety of popular reality dating shows—we're talking Too Hot To Handle, Love Is Blind, The Circle, etc. If you thought the rules on those shows were intense, you'll cringe at the start of Perfect Match. Netflix decided to up the ante by throwing together a bunch of hopeful romantics with sour histories and fierce competitiveness (looking at you, Francesca), so tensions escalate rather quickly in the villa (no surprise there). 

And the contestants are but one part of the drama: the way the show works is completely cringey. In order to stay in the house, people must couple up. However, no one is tied to another. While hopping around from partner to partner, the lucky pairs who stay together, perhaps temporarily or permanently, are forced to win competitions. When they secure the W, they get access to "the board room," where they venture to tear couples apart, bring in new contestants to stir up the drama and place themselves in a more favorable situation, if they so choose. 

Ready to keep up with this chaos?

Meet the 'Perfect Match' Netflix cast:

Loyalty is not common on Perfect Match and rejection is painful, as those on the show are forced to watch potential matches choose other partners right in front of them. Honestly, it's brutal, but the following contestants were glad to make an appearance at the villa. 

Francesca Farago from 'Too Hot To Handle'

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Let's start with our Queen B: Francesca is out to get what she wants, and she doesn't care what it takes to get there. The only broken heart she cares about is potentially her own. Without question, our villainess is out for blood when her plans go awry.

Chloe Veitch from 'Too Hot To Handle' and 'The Mole'

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Chloe's no stranger to Netflix's crazy antics, that's for sure. Will her third reality TV stint be the charm?

Joey Sasso from 'The Mole'

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For your dose of badda bing badda boom, meet Joey Sasso, the winner of The Circle season 1. He enters the villa having history with a few of the women there, but cannot seem to stay away from one.

Kariselle Snow from 'Sexy Beasts'

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Kariselle might've got undercover as a panda in Sexy Beasts, but now she's venturing into the villa—sans prosthetics—to meet her match, and it seems like she's laser-focused on one. 

Nick Uhlenhuth from 'The Circle'

Nick plans on using his brains and good looks to woo the ladies, but it seems while living in the villa he gets stuck in the friend zone. 

Colony Reeves from 'Selling Tampa'

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Selling Tampa season 2 might've gotten the boot, but Colony takes a second shot at fame on this new Netflix series. Will she find the love she's looking for?

Zay Wilson from 'The Ultimatum'

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Zay's definitely pleased there's no ultimatum this time around, but will his new adventure in the romance department be a successful one?

Bartise Bowden from 'Love Is Blind'

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Is Nancy from Love Is Blind still in touch with Bartise? It doesn't look like it now that they've both moved on from the pods. Will this experiment work in his favor this time?

Damian Powers from 'Love Is Blind'

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Damian and Giannina ended on bad terms, seemingly thanks to Francesca, so what will happen when he comes back into contact with the THTH star?

Calvin Kiing Crooks from 'The Circle'

Distance stood in the way of Calvin's first shot at love on The Circle, but will things be different on Perfect Match?

Will Richardson from 'The Mole'

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Will seems to find success pretty quickly on Perfect Match like he did while he was on The Mole...but will that success last?

Mitchell Eason from 'The Circle'

Mitchell is but one of many contestants on Perfect Match that has a history with a peer. Will he go back to what's familiar or attempt to find something new?

Lauren Chamblin from 'Love Is Blind'

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Lauren got quite caught up in a Love Is Blind romance, so here's hoping things go a little bit smoother this time around. 

Diamond Jack from 'Love Is Blind'

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Diamond has made an appearance in two series: Love Is Blind and Perfect Match. We know how things went with the former, but how about the latter? Here's hoping for smooth sailing.

Georgia Hassarati from 'Too Hot To Handle'

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Georgia's ready to take the plunge? Will she leave this competition with an other?

Izzy Fairthorne from 'Too Hot To Handle'

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The Too Hot To Handle vet isn't afraid to go for what she wants. Here's hoping her determination will work in her favor. 

Abbey Humphries from 'Twentysomethings: Austin'

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Abbey is keen on exploring her sexuality while attempting to find her perfect match...and she's pretty enamored with the date that's been set up for her. 

Chase De Moor from 'Too Hot To Handle'

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Chase earns himself a bad-boy reputation while at the villa...but not everyone's looking for a bad boy. 

Dom Gabriel from 'The Mole'

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Dom seemingly strikes gold at the beginning of the show, but will his luck in the villa run out? Will he be able to remain collected when a few bombshells are dropped on him?

Ines Tazi from 'The Circle'

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Arguably the most level-headed contestant on the show, Ines is up for the challenge of finding her perfect match...but towards the end of her stay at the villa, things get a bit complicated. 

Savannah Palacio from 'The Circle'

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Savannah certainly has her game face on, but will her strategy work? Matters get more complicated when she butts heads with a peer. 

Shayne Jansen from 'Love is Blind'

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Things went south for Shayne and Natalie in Love Is Blind, and she even alleged that he tried out for Perfect Match while they were together. Oof—lots going on. Will the drama subside for Shayne?

The first four episodes of Perfect Match premiered on Netflix on Tuesday, February 14. Catch episodes 5 to 8 on February 21 and episodes 9 to 12 on February 28. 

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