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Treat yourself to good vibes

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If you missed the Black Friday deals, fear not because Cyber Monday is here with a bang! From huge Cyber savings on Yankee candles to deals on perfumes, and best of all, you can find the whole NEOM range discounted at Look fantastic, from diffusers to oils, to bring the calm back this holiday season.

We’re all no stranger to Christmas stress, so right now seems like the perfect time to treat ourselves to diffusers, sleepy oils, and a new supply of cozy winter candles. And for 25% off, it’s all the more tempting.

Picture yourself, snuggled up with the scent of lavender filling the room from your new aroma diffuser, and a crackling candle in the corner. That’s our idea of a perfect Sunday and knowing you got them all on sale, just makes the whole picture so much prettier—plus they’re gorgeous gifts if you’re stuck for ideas.

The best US NEOM deals

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NEOM Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser 100ml, $100.00 $75.00 (Save $25.00) | Look Fantastic (opens in new tab)

An oil diffuser is something everyone needs in their bathroom and the NEOM diffuser is one of our absolute favorites. It features an adjustable timer that lets you enjoy the scents for one, two, or three hours before switching itself off. It also has a warm, low-energy LED light that fills the room with a soft, diffused glow—making it perfect for sleep. Simply fill with water, add a few drops of lavender and turn it on, to spread sleepy vibes as you drift off to sleep.

Though it’s perfect for creating the perfect sleep environment (opens in new tab) for those struggling to nod off, you can use it whenever you want, with whatever scent you’re in the mood for. Plus watching the vapor is so calming.

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NEOM Wellbeing Pod Mini Essential Oil Diffuser - Nude, $69.00 $51.80 (Save $17.20) | Look Fantastic (opens in new tab)

The mini diffuser is an even cheaper alternative to the above diffuser—plus it’s pink!  It’s battery operated meaning it’s perfect for travel, you can even have it on in the car. And it’s perfect for small spaces, like having it on your desk or in the bathroom. It doesn’t need water, just the Neom essential oil blends, and it will get to work filling the room with a dreamy scent—and lets you choose the intensity of your fragrance.

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NEOM Essential Oil Blends 4 x 10ml, $69.00  $51.80 (Save $17.20) | Look Fantastic (opens in new tab)

If you’re treating yourself to a new diffuser, you’ll be in need of essential oils! This Neom set comes with four oils:  Scent to Sleep Essential Oil which is a mix of Lavender, Basil, and Jasmine, Scent to De-Stress Essential Oil a mix of Lavender, Jasmine, and Brazilian Rosewood. Scent to Make You Happy Essential Oil which is filled with refreshing scents of Neroli, Mimosa, and Lemon, and Scent to Boost Your Energy Essential Oil another zesty oil full of Sicilian Lemon and Fresh Basil.

This set is perfect for sleep, early morning starts, and setting the mood for a relaxing bath, it’s also the perfect gift for someone who has a diffuser already.

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NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Scented Candle (1 Wick), $36.50 $27.40 (Save $9.10) | Look Fantastic (opens in new tab)

There’s nothing quite like a lavender sleepy candle. They’re perfect if you need a better nighttime routine, as the scent and act of lighting a candle associated with bedtime can make your mind and body start to feel ready to switch off. This Perfect Night Sleep candle has a mix of lavender, basil, and jasmine to gently lull you into a calm and sleepy state.

A great gift if you know someone whose sleeping schedule sucks! 

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NEOM Christmas Wish 1 Wick Candle, $44.00 $33.00 (Save $11.00) | Look Fantastic (opens in new tab)

Now is also the perfect time to get yourself into the festive spirit and treat yourself to a Christmas candle. This candle is a blend of traditional, holiday scents of mandarin, cinnamon, and tonka bean, that will fill your home with holiday cheer!

The best UK NEOM deals

Lucky UK shoppers can take an extra 10% off at checkout with the code CYBER.

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NEOM Wellbeing Bundle (Worth £155.00),  £150.00  £112.50 (Save £37.50) | Look Fantastic (opens in new tab)

Use code CYBER for an extra 10% at checkout.

The ultimate relaxation bundle! This NEOM set comes with the Wellbeing pod diffuser and the essential oil set, all for just £112.50, to get you chilling out from the moment it arrives!

Essential Oil set includes:

Scent to Sleep
Notes: English Lavender, Sweet Basil, Jasmine.

Scent to De-Stress
Notes: Lavender, Jasmine, Brazilian Rosewood.

Scent to Make You Happy
Notes: Neroli, Mimosa, Lemon.

Scent to Boost Your Energy
Sicilian Lemon, Fresh Basil.

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NEOM Organics Real Luxury Luxury Scented Candle,£46.00 £29.90 (Save £16.10) | Look Fantastic (opens in new tab)

Use code CYBER for an extra 10% at checkout.

Nothing quite says luxury like a three-wick candle, we don't know why two extra wicks make such a difference but it really does. This candle smells of lavender, jasmine, and Brazilian rosewood and is toxin-free, and burns for up to 50 hours!

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NEOM Scent of Wellbeing (Worth £48.00), £45.00 £36.00 (Save £9.00) | Look Fantastic  (opens in new tab)

Use code CYBER for an extra 10% at checkout.

This festive set is in collaboration with NEOM’s charity partner, the Mental Health Foundation. It's full of winter wonderland themed scents:

Christmas Wish™ Essential Oil Blend

Notes: Mandarin, Cinnamon, Tonka Bean.
Perfect Peace™ Essential Oil Blend
Notes: Pine, Myrrh, Lime Peel.
Real Luxury™ Essential Oil Blend
Notes: Lavender, Jasmine, Brazilian Rosewood.

This is the perfect festive gift set for a loved one or to get your apartment smelling like Christmas!

Happy shopping!

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