A Netflix password sharing crackdown is on its way—for real this time

Here's what you need to know about the Netflix password sharing crackdown that's headed to the US

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It appears Netflix password sharing will soon be a thing of the past. Yes, really.

The streamer has long warned users against providing their info to non-subscribers, but that certainly didn't stop viewers from indulging in that Ginny & Georgia ending or catching up on the Bling Empire: New York cast and all their drama. 

Now, however, Netflix is taking the proper steps to ensure that people are not getting away with freebies. Here's what to know.

Netflix password sharing crackdown: what to know

Netflix rolled out its password-sharing clampdown in Latin and South America in 2022 to much disappointment. Now US subscribers could see stricter regulations with their accounts as soon as March 2023, though specific dates have yet to be provided.

Netflix says sharing passwords, and in turn not raking in new customers, "undermines long-term ability to invest in and improve" its content and services. The company plans to use "IP addresses, device IDs and account activity from devices signed into the Netflix account" to determine which users are in the same household, which is a requirement for sharing account information.

What does the Netflix password sharing crackdown entail?

While it's OK to share your password and other info with those you live with, things will get challenging for the users on your account who are based in another location. Yes, you might want to give your baby sis access to Bridgerton season 3 while she's off at college, but that might be harder given that you're not in the same place.

What happens if you can't share your Netflix account?

Let's say your best friends are all on your Netflix account in different locales and the jig is up. As the primary account user, you'll be asked to either pay an additional fee for their usage—which ran about $2.99/£2.50/AU$4 during the South and Latin America trials, according to TechRadar—or your pals will have to make an account of their own. 

Can you use a VPN when Netflix cracks down on password sharing?

According to our sister site TechRadar, Netflix says that "you can use a VPN with Netflix on the Basic, Standard or Premium plans," but it's unclear how this will be affected moving forward when the crackdown is in place.

Visit Netflix's help center to learn more.

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