'Bling Empire: New York' cast net worth: who is the richest cast member?

Can you guess the 'Bling Empire: New York' cast net worth? The Netflix hit is full of fancy fashion, luxe accessories, and fabulous events—so these figures may not surprise you!

Bling Empire: New York cast net worth. Who is the richest Bling Empire: New York cast member?
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Glitz and glamour abound, but what is the Bling Empire: New York cast net worth—and who is its richest star of the hit Netfix series? 

There is plenty of wealth in the New York version of Bling Empire; the clothes are chic, the accommodations are luxurious, and the events? Utterly fabulous and extravagant. We knew the Bling Empire spin-off, which hit Netflix on January 20, would be heavy on said "bling," but who's raking in the most from their high-powered gigs? The cast is full of high-flyers, after all, so just where do they get there cash from, and how much do they make?

Ready to make a few calculations? Here's what we know about that impressive Bling Empire: New York cast net worth—and which member of the show is the wealthiest of them all. Since you already know the richest cast member of Bling Empire, we might as well get you up to speed with its spin-off!

'Bling Empire: New York' cast net worth: who is the richest?

It's believed that power couple Stephen and Deborah Hung are the richest Bling Empire: New York cast members, but we've broke down the specifics for curious viewers. Plus, we've got all the reported Bling Empire: New York cast net worth figures below, so you can see who came in a close second (and third).

1. Stephen and Deborah Hung

  • Net worth: $2 billion, allegedly

It's widely rumored that Stephen and Deborah Hung have a net worth of approximately as high as $2 billion. Yes, really! Considering The Washington Post coined Stephen as "the world's richest spender" and Deborah is not one to forgo selfies with her glittery Ferrari, we're not terribly shocked by this number.

It's thought that the pair as so wealthy due to the fact that Stephen has had a long career in finance; in fact, he is reported to have been the head of investment banking at Merrill Lynch in Asia. But it's not all his cash. His wife of 10 years, Deborah, is a former supermodel and lawyer, so they've certainly got a pretty penny between them. 

As fans of the show will know, the couple aren't afraid of flashing their wealth, be it on the show or on social media. On Deborah's Insta, she often post pictures of herself in fancy spots, such as restaurants, international locations or luxe hotel rooms; often wearing incredibly opulent outfits, too.

2. Dorothy Wang

  • Net worth: $10 million, allegedly

Dorothy Wang, the leader of the New York show, first got her start in reality TV with Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and the original Bling Empire. She works in real estate, and her father, Roger Wang, is the former Chief Executive Officer of Golden Eagle International Group. Celebrity Net Worth predicts she's sitting comfortably at around $10 million.

Though much of her wealth is thought to be family money (she wasn't on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills for no reason), but she still works as a real estate agent, and even worked alongside Mauricio Umansky of The Agency (of Buying Beverly Hills and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills).

These days she is most well known for her work as a reality star (she also starred in the original Bling Empire in LA) and as an influencer.

3. Lynn Ban

  • Net worth: $5-$6 million, allegedly

A jewelry designer to the stars, Lynn Ban earned her fortune by starting her titular accessories line, which has been worn by celebs like Rihanna! But according to her interview with Women's Wear Daily, starring on the show is about much more than just sharing the luxuries that come along with her earnings (which The Cinemaholic predicts to hover around $5-$6 million).

"I wanted to share my story of how I immigrated here, worked my way up and navigated being an Asian mother, wife and designer in the fashion industry, balancing work and my home life," she told the outlet.

4. Tina Leung

  • Net worth: $1 to $5 million, allegedly

Fashion powerhouse Tina Leung has made her mark on the fashion work, becoming somewhat of a 'fashion influencer' in recent years. Not only does she regularly model for top brands such as Roberto Cavalli, but she also works as a stylist, and even has some acting credits behind her! 

She had a difficult childhood, and her no-nonsense approach to finances seems to be a result of her past experiences. Tina explains on Bling Empire that while her father did very well for himself for a time when she was younger, he eventually lost it all, leaving her to fend for herself financially as a young adult.

Though it's not entirely clear how much she's worth, reports indicate it's anywhere from $1 to $ 5 million, per The Cinemaholicso she's clearly done a fantastic job.

5. Blake Abbie

  • Net worth: $3 million, allegedly

Blake Abbie works in both fashion and the entertainment industry, as the editor-at-large for A Magazine Curated By and an actor on Netflix's Meteor Garden. Though he's reportedly worth around $3 million (according to Lifestyle Asia), he tells Women's Wear Daily he's more focused on his "cultural bling."

"For me, I don’t care about having an Hermès Birkin. Do I like a Kelly? Yes, but I don’t need that," he revealed to the outlet.

Not only that, but Blake also works as a model, having previously walked at New York fashion week, and of course now earns a salary as part of his job on Bling Empire: New York.

6. Richard Chang

  • Net worth: $2.5 million, allegedly

Everyone's asking, "are Richard and Vika from Bling Empire: New York still together?" but we're also curious about the reality star's earnings, after the man himself revealed that he is living a very luxurious lifestyle. 

The former director of Calvin Klein’s merchandise planning now works at the wellness company, Hudson Medical (and has done since 2021) as Chief Growth Officer. The Cinemaholic estimated that he's raked in about $2.5 million through his professional ventures. 

And unlike some other reality TV stars, it seems Richard has worked hard for his cash. He is reported to have attended New York University, where he studied finance and marketing, and has held senior positions and companies prior to his current role.

7. Nam Laks

  • Net worth: $100,000, allegedly 
  • Family net worth: $100,000 million, allegedly 

The baby of the group, graduate student Nam Laks has been coined the "Blair Waldorf of Thailand" and is known for dropping a cool, casual $10,000 on shopping sprees in between her college classes. NBD!

Viewers of Bling Empire: New York are told that Nam's income is mainly via her father, who is Thai businessman Nakorn Laksanakarn, the former CEO of the Bangkok-based Natural Park PCL, NPARK. The Cinemaholic reports that her family is worth an estimated $100 million, largely due to her father's work.

Though she is supported by her family, now that graduation is looming, she'll be forced to make it on her own; without her father's finances to back her up. So will we see Nam take on a career in Bling Empire: New York season 2?

These Bling Empire: New York cast net worth are undoubtedly impressive—and make it very clear that the entire cast are all enjoying (as we suspected) a very nice living. 

Bling Empire: New York is now available to stream on Netflix.

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