These bras feature built-in crystals to help spice up your love life

Leave it to Pour Moi! Crystal bras give you support in more ways than one

Pour Moi Crystal Bras
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Talk about convenience. Not only do the limited-edition Pour Moi crystal bras offer support, but they can help reset your sex life

Fastening the best crystals for sexuality to the brassiere allows the stones to channel whatever it is you're looking for in the bedroom—passion, drive, excitement. Rather than bury your favorite gem in your cup, this new offering makes it part of the ensemble, a real win-win.

“A lot of our customers love crystals and use them for all sorts of reasons so we wanted to offer a handy way of harnessing their power," says Pour Moi owner Michael Thomson, who partnered with The Crystal Expert for the undergarment undertaking. 

If you wanted to spice up the art of manifesting with crystals, now's the time. While you're at it, do be sure to learn how to measure bra size as well. You can never be too prepared.

Pour Moi crystal bras:

1. The First Date Bra

Pour Moi's best first date tips? Snagging one of these light-pink beauties, adorned with rose quartz for attracting love, tiger's eye to keep you grounded and blue howlite to make communication flow naturally.

Pour Moi First date bra

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2. The Breakup Bra

What broken heart? Between moonstone's divine femininity, clear quartz's positivity and amethyst's calming nature, this bra will help you battle any dating hiccup—no Adele jam session required. Dare we say the Breakup Bra doubles as a self-confidence boost?

Pour Moi breakup bra

(Image credit: Pour Moi)

3. The Passion Nights Bra

Ooh la la, ready for some fun in the boudoir? The blend of carnelian, aventurine and garnet will surely make any experience unforgettable. 

"Carnelian is a great confidence-boosting crystal in general, but it's also really great for revving up our sex drive and making us feel bolder in the bedroom," astrologer and energy worker Nina Kahn previously told My Imperfect Life. "It can even inspire us to get more creative and try new things."

Pour Moi crystal bras passion nights bra

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How to snag one of the limited-edition bras

Those 18+ can head over to Pour Moi before May 30, 2022, to fill out this form to secure to bra they most desire. Winners will be notified on June 1. All of the terms and conditions are available on the Pour Moi website. 

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