Crystals for sexuality will boost your mojo, so stock up ahead of Valentine's Day

Time to add to your collection

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Chocolates and roses are nice, but crystals for sexuality are what we're really after this Valentine's Day. Yes, that box of Russell Stover is getting the boot. 

Ahead of the most romantic time of the year, love and sensuality are in overdrive. If you're looking to take things even further, perhaps a little help from the universe can put you on the proper track.

The art of manifesting with crystals—a few in particular—will make February 14 and beyond steamier than ever before. Be sure to take a look at Valentine's Day sex toy deals while you're at it! 

(And who are we kidding? Buy the candy, too.)


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Can crystals for sexuality boost your sex drive?

Considering there are crystals to help you sleep and crystals for anxiety, why wouldn't you find gems associated with life's most pleasurable activities?

"Carnelian is a great confidence-boosting crystal in general, but it's also really great for revving up our sex drive and making us feel bolder in the bedroom," says astrologer and energy worker Nina Kahn. "It can even inspire us to get more creative and try new things."

Plus, its orange hue activates the energy of the sacral chakra, which is associated with sensuality and sexuality, but it also looks lovely as fun accent pieces. You're spicing up your sexy time and your home decor game in one swoop!

Amazon, Carnelian Crystals ($5.98, £4.50)

Amazon, Carnelian Crystals ($5.98, £4.50)

But don't get tunnel vision: there are other options to consider as well.

"Smoky quartz will get you in tune with your body [and] help you stay in the present moment," Kahn says. However, she is partial to a celestial nod and cannot part ways with moonstone.

"The moon is all about divine feminine energy so, it's all about tapping into the more mystical side of sexuality—and its dreamy frequency will help you relax."

Taking notes?

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How to manifest a sex drive boost with crystals

OK, so you've stocked up on the stones. Now what? It's all about being mindful and open to new things. 

Carry your crystal with you in your bag for a little extra boost or consider meditating with it when you need to take a breather. And, of course, you can opt to wear a few pieces as jewelry. 

"It's a nice way to connect with the crystal and not have it thrown in your bag—you can actually see it and appreciate it," Kahn says. 

Etsy, Carnelian Necklace handmade by Vermeer ($12 and up) 

Etsy, Carnelian Necklace handmade by Vermeer ($12 and up

A carnelian stone necklace with lengths ranging from 14 to 30 inches. Customers have the option to choose various metal materials, like gold and silver, as well. 

Tiny Rituals, Carnelian Energy Bracelet ($24) 

Tiny Rituals, Carnelian Energy Bracelet ($24

4mm genuine gemstone beads in a bracelet that is available in small, medium and large

Amazon, Carnelian Crystal Choker Necklace (£11.99)

Amazon, Carnelian Crystal Choker Necklace (£11.99)

Quality stones on a gold chain

Be sure to read on cleansing crystals to ensure that your collection is functioning properly. Kahn recommends perusing the full moon calendar and setting them on the windowsill the night of the lunar phase. Water or salt are other viable options, though do research beforehand—some crystals mix better with other elements than others. 

We hope your gems help you get in touch with just the right amount of sexual energy you were looking for. 

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