Want more intense orgasms? It's time to lace up your running shoes

A new study says running has its benefits in the bedroom, and who are we to deny the facts?

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Not thrilled with your morning workout? Apparently, running intensifies orgasms, so you might feel inclined to slip on those Nikes after all.

The best app-controlled vibrators and sex toys certainly do the trick, but a new study from the International Urogynecology Journal suggests that your fitness routine can lead to benefits in bed. 

Talk about a double whammy—working on your cardio and heightening orgasms? Next time you're thinking about sitting out on that run, just think of all that you could potentially be missing.

Running intensifies orgasms? This study says so

So, how did these findings come about? According to the study,180 participants were split into two groups—one that runs more than 12 miles every seven days and one that runs less than 12 miles every seven days. 

The results? The speed machines had a 28% increase chance of climax and experienced a Big O that was a third more intense than their usual experiences. Looks like it pays to go the distance. 

"Our study found women who ran the most experienced more intensive orgasms," said Shanny Sade, a researcher from Ben-Gurion University in Israel, according to The Sun. "It may be explained by better clitoral circulation, better working of pelvic floor muscles, better self-esteem and body image or a combination of these."

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But do proceed cautiously, particularly if you have any pelvic or health-related issues. 

Amanda Savage, a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and trusted advisor to Kegel8, insists that a slow approach can also work well if your body is not used to high-intensity workouts. Plus, there's scientific evidence to suggest that building up towards vigorous workouts can provide equally satisfying results.

“Not only does regular exercise boost your endurance and improve your mood, activities such as walking, cycling, swimming, and running improve the general blood flow to the pelvis to boost muscle, tissue and nerve health," Dr. Savage says. 

She continues: “If improved sexual wellness is your prime motivation for getting active, consider practising Kegel exercises a few times a week, too. This targeted exercise will help strengthen your pelvic floor and improve intimate sensation."

Now do you feel like making adjustments to your "perfect" workout schedule?

This running news comes on the heels of the coregasm movement, a TikTok sensation (of course) that claims women can experience an O through abdominal workouts, particularly climbing poles and ropes, biking, spinning and weight lifting. 

If you're going to work out to improve your health, might as well include your sexual health and wellbeing, too. If you're curious, experts revealed the best exercises for better sex, so now you can truly multitask like a champ. 

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