Skin Proud Frozen Over moisturizer is your heatwave skin savior

Your sweaty skin will thank you for introducing it to the Skin Proud Frozen Over moisturizer

Skin Proud Frozen Over gel-to-ice hydrator in a blue ice background
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TikTok favorite Skin Proud Frozen Over moisturizer has become a saviour for beauty fans throughout this heatwave summer. The platform is known for bringing us the best hacks that we can rely on in all areas of life—but especially beauty, like with the blush hack and liquid bronzer hack—so of course we trust it's summer weather hacks more than the ice in front of the fan one...

And according to TikTok's beauty experts, Skin Proud Frozen Over gel-to-ice hydrator is a must as summer temperatures continue to soar. Skin Proud is loved for its affordable price, cruelty-free, and straight-talking skincare products. The ethos of the brand is to celebrate your natural skin texture and any imperfections—and the packaging is pretty cute too.

One product, in particular, has gone viral on TikTok, accumulating millions of views and so many glowing reviews—and it’s not hard to see why. Plus right now, anything with 'Frozen' in the name gets a yes from us *we're boiling over here!*

Skin Proud Frozen Over moisturizer

Skin Proud's Frozen Over moisturiser being held and used by a women

(Image credit: Courtesy of Skin Proud)

Skin Proud's Frozen Over moisturizer contains uniquely cooling products designed to hydrate and cool your skin at the same time, ideal if you’re suffering from irritation or your skin just needs some extra TLC.

What makes this moisturizer really special is how you can use it. You can either apply it as a gel (or make it a cooling gel by storing in a mini fridge for skincare) or you can pop it in the freezer for a slush-like texture to give your skin some at-home cryotherapy—how cool is that? Especially since hotter summers and heatwaves are (sadly) very much becoming the norm, due to global warming.

So having a skincare slushie to bring our body temps down whenever we need it, sounds pretty damn appealing.


Skin Proud, Frozen Over Gel-To-Ice Hydrator

RRP: $15.97/£16.95

This gel-to-frozen moisturizer is cruelty-free and a vegan beauty brand, dermatologically-tested, and designed with all skin types in mind.

Its key ingredients include aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and lemon to help soothe dry, dull, and puffy skin.

As we know, cooling your face can really work wonders to refresh and brighten dull-looking skin—remember the frozen cucumber hack and frozen skin sticks? So, having the ability to freeze your skincare for a luxurious cooling treatment seems totally ingenious—and if you're struggling to sleep in this heat, applying this before you go to bed could work wonders.

The moisturizer is also infused with anti-inflammatory aloe vera, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and lemon extract to help brighten your skin and treat hyperpigmentation

So far we’re very on board with the hype, you need only type in Skin Proud on TikTok to find beauty lovers trying and loving the product.


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The reviews at Boots are glowing—one happy customer said, “This is a really lovely moisturizer that has left my skin refreshed, hydrated and glowing. It feels a little like a gel so different at first but is refreshing to put on your face. And the best thing of all, it is cruelty-free!”

Another wrote: “I have combination skin type so some parts are dry and others are oily. I found that the Skin Proud Frozen Over got my skin together! First of all, it came in a cute glass jar and is in a gel form, so easy to apply and not messy. Since using this my skin has almost evened out, my skin is more hydrated and moisturized, I love it”.

Some even said it gave their skin a ‘glass-like’ effect under their makeup which is perfect for the ever-so-trendy 'clean girl' aesthetic—so if you, like us, love the dewy look this could be right up your street!

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