Tiffany from 'Love is Blind' fell asleep mid-date, and no one can handle it

Poor Tiffany! Love Is Blind got off to a positive start when she connected with Brett, but what happened after she fell asleep on their date?

Tiffany, Love Is Blind's mid-date napper, on the couch in the pods laughing while on a date
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Tiffany, Love Is Blind's lethargic hopeful romantic, has gotten everyone's attention. 

Throughout the span of the popular Netflix series, several moments live in infamy: Damian and Gianina's tumultuous encounter with Francesca and Andrew faking tears during a confessional, to name just a few. 

Now, Tiffany from Love is Blind season 4 has thrown herself into the mix by venturing where no one in the pods has gone before: to sleep! Here's what happened. 

Tiffany, 'Love Is Blind' season 4 dater, falls asleep in the pods

Arguably the most authentic and compatible Love Is Blind season 4 couple yet, Tiffany and Brett hit it off immediately. We'll be honest: we're weary of the show's premise, but it does seem that these two are actually made for one another. (We know, we're getting sappy.) 

However, given that the twosome has such a strong bond so quickly, you'd be kind of surprised to learn that Tiffany falls asleep mid-date, right as Brett is admitting the love he has for her. 

"You are special, Tiffany. I really do feel like we're the perfect match," Brett says. 

That's when she decides to catch up on some shut-eye. 

"Are you there?" Brett questions, confused. 

Naturally, the internet has responded to the LOL-worthy moment with complete shock. Twitter users cannot possibly wrap their minds around Tiff's hilariously horrible timing. 

What happened between Tiffany and Brett, post-nap?

Chelsea had to give Tiffany a little wake-up (literally), which caused her to worry about Brett. Would he still love her after her awkward radio silence? (Technically, since they're dating one another behind walls, he did not know what happened for certain until their follow-up date.) 

Luckily, it managed to be a mere blip in the road—simply a cute, funny story of how their romance came to be. Truthfully, while watching Brett and Tiffany interact during their "honeymoon" in Mexico, we'd mistake them for a lifelong couple. The same isn't necessarily true for some other vacationers. (We're all questioning, "Does Irina leave Love Is Blind early?") 

Here's hoping the worst problems Tiff and Brett have to deal with is her sleep schedule!

Love Is Blind season 4 premieres on Friday, March 24 on Netflix. Here is your schedule for all of the upcoming Love Is Blind season 4 episodes.

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