Year on TikTok 2022 reveals what dominated FYPs over the past 12 months

From our favorite songs to must-buy products, Year on TikTok 2022 has a lot to share with app users

Year on TikTok 2022, including Lizzo, Corn Kid and more
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We're feeling nostalgic! Now that Year on TikTok 2022 has gone live—just several days after Spotify Wrapped broke the internet—we can't help but relive some of our favorite moments from the past 12 months: clever TikTok beauty hacks, catchy TikTok songs, our next read via #BookTok, the list goes on.

Whatever made your FYP particularly enjoyable, chances are plenty of other app users love it, too. 

"It's been truly inspiring to see over a billion people around the world from different backgrounds and perspectives come together to experience joy, connection and a sense of belonging on TikTok," Vanessa Pappas, TikTok's COO, said in a statement. 

So, what reigned supreme on the app? The results are in, and the winners are...

Year on TikTok 2022: everything to know

Like other apps and social media platforms, TikTok provides its users a glimpse into its most popular videos, trends and accounts from the previous 12 months. Since there's so much to cover, TikTok broke everything down into a few helpful categories. 

Take a look at some of the fan favorites below and search #YearOnTikTok when you log on to the app. 

Uncovered Communities 2022


♬ It's Corn - Tariq & The Gregory Brothers & Recess Therapy

What virtual cliques garnered the most interest in 2022? Here's the next digital space you should visit next: 

  • BookTok
  • CarTok
  • FilmTok / MovieTok
  • Small Business TikTok
  • Sustainability TikTok
  • FarmTok
  • National Park TikTok
  • Crocheters of TikTok
  • MuseumTok
  • WoodTok

Eats on Repeat 2022


I like this one idk I’m in a silly goofy butter mood

♬ original sound - speed songs

Want to attempt some of the best TikTok recipes during your holiday get-togethers? Here are a few ideas to get things cookin' in the kitchen. 

  • Grated Egg Toast
  • Air Fryer Recipes
  • Boards
  • Balsamic Cola
  • Asian Cucumber Salad
  • Lemon Pasta
  • Custard Toast
  • Turkish Eggs
  • Biscoff Tiramisu
  • Smashed Potatoes

The Playlist 2022


♬ About Damn Time - Lizzo

You've likely seen a few of these bad boys pop on your Spotify Wrapped. Here are the best tracks that kept US listeners entertained: 

  • "Sunroof" - Nicky Youre & dazy 
  • "L$d" - Luclover 
  • "Ginseng Strip 2002" 
  • "About Damn Time" - Lizzo 
  • "Just a Cloud Away" - Pharrell Williams 
  • "Forever" - Labrinth 
  • "Wait a Minute!" - WILLOW 
  • "Jiggle Jiggle" - Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux 
  • "BILLIE EILISH." - Armani White
  • "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)" - Kate Bush

And here are the top 10 songs from around the world: 

  • "Ginseng Strip 2002" - Yung Lean
  • "Sunroof" - Nicky Youre & dazy
  • "Wait a Minute" - WILLOW
  • "Beat Automotivo Tan Tan Tan Viral" 
  • "Cool for the Summer" - Demi Lovato 
  • "Jiggle Jiggle" - Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux
  • "Me Porto Bonito" - Bad Bunny & Chencho Corleone 
  • "About Damn Time" - Lizzo
  • "L$d" - Luclover
  • "Una Noche En Medellín" - Cris Mj

FY Faves 2022


♬ original sound - Lamila Petschart

It's no secret that there are plenty of trending hashtags on TikTok and lots to discover, but a few particularly found viral success. Here are a few TikTok exclusive moments viewed 'round the world. (Very pleased the Riverdale girls' TikTok account made the cut!)

  • @amauryguichon Constructing a very large chocolate giraffe
  • @chipmunksoftiktok Squishy's back after hibernation!
  • @rosalia You can say a lot with the way you chew gum
  • @blondebrunetteredhead - A deadpan take on "Jiggle Jiggle" by the leads of Riverdale
  • @little.blooming.women “I’m just a baby!”
  • @schmoyoho The beloved Corn Kid gets remixed
  • @lizzo Lizzo helps us learn the choreo for "About Damn Time"
  • @itsmrfinn A teacher's elaborate yearly school musical reveal
  • @jimmydarts Helping Tom get back on his feet
  • @meltandpour - The ultimate showdown: lava vs. ice

For a complete look at what people around the globe loved this year, visit the TikTok newsroom.

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