Did you catch the 'You' season 3 filming mistake? TikTok certainly did

And now it's going viral! Just another odd moment on 'You' season 3.

ENN BADGLEY as JOE GOLDBERG in episode 301 of YOU
(Image credit: JOHN P. FLEENOR/NETFLIX © 2021)

There are plenty of head-scratchers sprinkled throughout You season 3. The Netflix suspense just debuted its darkest chapter to date, but one incredibly odd moment in a new episode has nothing to do with the plot, much to viewers' surprise. 

Allow us to explain: an eagle-eye fan on TikTok, @annabelleryan, decided to catch up with the series when she picked up on a crucial blunder. As any show devotee would do, she took to social media to confirm if what she saw was accurate. 

The scene might be quick, but once you notice the filming mistake, it's difficult to unsee. Can you guess what we're talking about? 

'You' season 3 filming mistake

It's no Kelly Rowland waiting for a reply she's never going to get—because...Excel—but it does involve a phone. The lil' mishap takes place when Love and Joe are texting one another. Sounds like a simple enough concept, right? But when catch a glimpse of the text exchange, the photograph in Love's phone that's supposed to be Joe is...decidedly not Joe. 

"IM LOSING MY MIND????WHO IS THAT?????? ITS JOEY SILVERBERG #You #youseason3 #joegoldberg,” the TikTok user wrote. 

Well, after 200,000+ likes, 5,700 comments, and 6,500 shares—and counting—we can indeed confirm that this random man is not Joe. When you zoom in, as @annabelleryan graciously does on our behalf, the man looks nothing like our nefarious main character, minus his hair color.


IM LOSING MY MIND????WHO IS THAT?????? ITS JOEY SILVERBERG #You #youseason3 #joegoldberg

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This is arguably the only laughable moment throughout the new season, as its subject matter takes a grim and heavy turn upon the Goldberg's arrival to the suburbs. But grim is heavy is exactly what we're craving, so much so that You season 4 has been confirmed, despite the fact that season 3 was intended to be the finale. 

For those who are still bingeing (no judgment, there are a lot of shows on our queue right now), stay tuned to see who ends up coming out alive...it'll indicate what's to come!

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