I tried Fenty's new 'Cookies N Clean' face mask and here's what I thought

FYI, it doesn't smell like cookies and cream

Fenty Beauty Cookies N Clean detox mask
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My Imperfect Life Verdict

A new staple in your skincare routine that's worth every penny!

Reasons to buy
  • +

    It's lightweight and doesn't dry out your skin like most clay masks

Reasons to avoid
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    It did make my skin do a mini purge...

I tried out Fenty Beauty's newest addition to its skincare collection—meet the new 'Cookies N Clean' Whipped Clay Detox Mask that has taken pride of place in my bathroom cabinet for the last three weeks.

Fenty Beauty, aka Rihanna's beauty line, never really misses—from their dreamy foundations to the Fenty liquid highlighter that puts all other highlighting products to shame. Now not only has RiRi got our makeup routines covered, but she's now coming to our skin's rescue too, from toners to some of the best moisturizers.

The newest addition to the Fenty Skin family is a detox mask with a formula like none other. Say hello to the Cookies N Clean Whipped clay detox mask that I've put through its paces over the last few weeks.

What's my skin type?

As far as my skin type goes, I have combination skin—slightly on the dry side and very sensitive. I am fortunate to have relatively clear skin, minus some very stubborn pores on my nose and chin that don't want to give me a break.

I do however get hormonal breakouts, so I was very excited to try this mask, as I do tend to opt for ones that include clay.

Fenty Cookies N Clean Whipped Clay Mask review

What's in the 'Cookie's N Clean' Whipped Clay Detox mask?

The detox mask features four key ingredients—clay, charcoal, salicylic acid (BHA) and rhubarb and ginger extract. It's designed to deeply cleanse your pores, immediately improve skin texture and fight shine throughout the day. It also claims to not dry out your skin, which is a common issue with clay masks.

Another pro is that the formula is completely cruelty-free, vegan, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic and all those good things! 


Fenty Cookies N Clean Whipped Clay Mask With Salicylic Acid + Charcoal 

RRP: $32/£25

This mask is described as a 'detox without the dry out' and is formulated to remove dirt, oil, and impurities all the while keeping any shine at bay throughout the day. Ideal for those with oily skin.

How to Apply the 'Cookies N Clean' mask

The texture of this mask is pretty unique and unlike anything I've personally used before. It's whipped so it feels lightweight and airless—like you're literally applying mousse to your face but what I really loved was the little charcoal beads!

A little goes a long way with this mask. You only need a small scoop on your finger to spread over your T-zone. The mask literally looks like a whipped cookies and cream Hersey bar, the formula is mainly white with little beads of black but as you start to massage the product into your skin, the beads burst and transform the light gray mask into a dark gray.

I loved this, it made applying it so fun and made it feel more like a self-care moment because you need to massage it in order to combine all the charcoal. It doesn't take long but really adds to the experience in my opinion.

Once applied evenly over your face—though being careful to avoid your sensitive undereye areas, the mask will dry. You can leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and then remove with a damp, warm cloth.

My verdict on the 'Cookies N Clean' Whipped clay detox mask

I can safely say that I will be repurchasing this mask when it runs out, as I am loving it as part of my weekly routine. 

I've been using it as recommended, which is two to three times a week and the biggest pro for me is the value you for money. The amount you get in the pot is worth every penny and you really don't need much for a full-face application. I'd also like to add that the packaging is *chefs kiss* and is proudly sat on my bathroom shelf as part of the permanent decor.

I loved the application process, bursting the charcoal beads as I massaged it over my face was a really lovely touch—it distracted me from all my other worries and let me take two minutes to just focus on a bit of me-time. So if you struggle with that, this DIY-esque mask could be one for you to try.

Naomi Jamieson wearing the Fenty Cookies N Clean mask

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The texture is comfortable, even when it dries. I could still move my face without feeling like my skin was going to crack and after removal, I did think it left my skin feeling super soft. I also found that it didn't dry out my skin, which is something I often experience with all kinds of masks, so that was a big win for me.

However, after the first two uses, I did find that it made my skin purge slightly, which is common with clay products. My chin was zit city for the next week—but by the fourth use, this seemed to calm down.

That's really all the cons I have to say about this mask, I wouldn't say it transformed my skin but it has improved my overall skin texture and has helped to reduce the appearance of some of my pores. The actual application of this mask is what's really won me over and the fact it didn't leave me with any dry and itchy patches—that's a big deal for sensitive skin sufferers, trust me.

Overall I'd say it's definitely a staple mask for those who love a bit of clay and worth a try for anyone with stubborn blackheads!

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