The 'ankles as earrings' position is the new TikTok trend that's piquing interest in the bedroom

You've heard of sex toy jewelry, but what does the 'ankles as earrings' move have to do with pleasure? TikTok says a lot...

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What does the "ankles as earrings" trend have to do with pleasure? If you ask TikTok users, quite a lot. FYPs are flooded with tips of the sexy variety, but needless to say, not all of the how-to's are encouraged. (You can read all about the viral TikTok sex hacks that actually work, according to the professionals.) However, there's something about this acrobatic-sounding move that's getting all the likes on social media.

If you're looking to take sexologists' advice and spruce up your intimate moments this fall, or if you're waiting for that uber-trendy unicorn vibrator and rose sex toy (another TikTok favorite) to be delivered, here's the 'ankles as earrings' scoop to catch up on while you wait. 

What is the 'ankles as earrings' sex position?

Like TikTok's highly-praised pillow sex trick, the ankles as earrings move is meant to maximize pleasure with deeper penetration. Do be mindful that this might take a few times to attempt, and while it might not be considered one of the most dangerous sex positions out there, note that flexibility will be required. You should have a candid conversation with your partner regarding comfort levels before proceeding. 

Now that we've gotten the housekeeping out of the way, let's jump to specifics: getting down to business. The receiving partner should lie in a missionary position with their legs stretched out in the air and position their feet toward their significant other's ears. Then, Partner B will position themselves to penetrate the other, ensuring that the feet are near the earlobes. (Now you see how it got the name.) Should the receiving partner want a little extra sensation, Partner B can consider lifting up their legs for a deeper penetration. 

In a sense, this is a twist on missionary with a few bells and whistles. Though sexologists have insisted that orgasms shouldn't be the main focus of a sexual experience, this move does propel partners toward the finish line quickly, per TikTok recs. The move's claim to fame is that all the magic happens in less than five minutes, but again, sexologists warn couples to get rid of the stopwatches and go by their own methods.

An alternative to the 'ankles as earrings' move

If the sensation sounds intriguing, you can get similar results with the famous pillow sex tip, which requires the receiving partner to keep their legs down and slide a pillow underneath their hips for a deeper feeling. 

According to Dr. Janet Brito, an AASECT-certified sex therapist and supervisor at Lovehoney, this method "makes penetrative sex more comfortable [and] easier to experiment with various angles." Consider it a jumping-off point if you don't want to start off with the super-agile move right away. 

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