Asteroid Juno enters Pisces this week, and it'll make a major impact on your commitments

'Expect to see an immense desire for oneness,' says astrologer Liz Simmons

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Pisces is throwing a party, and Asteroid Juno is keen on making a grand entrance.

As your weekly horoscope indicates, the planet of partnerships is craving some attention and plans to join the festivities alongside Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune. 

So what does it mean for you? Now is the time to expect a shift in your obligations. 

"We can embrace this vibe by allowing Juno in Pisces, along with the rest of the Pisces stellium, to be vulnerable in our commitments," says astrologer Liz Simmons. "Express your love openly and sweetly, since Juno in Pisces is all about adoration."

Curious to learn more? Allow us to provide the celestial scoop. 

When does Asteroid Juno enter Pisces?

"The latest ingress is on April 20 at around 11:51am EST when Juno enters Pisces. Since Venus is exalted in Pisces right now on top of this ingress, we can expect to see an immense desire for oneness and absolution in commitments," Simmons says. 

Have those planners marked accordingly, folks. 

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What to expect from Asteroid Juno in Pisces

Juno's emphasis on partnerships does focuses on both romantic and platonic unions. Perhaps now is the time to grow closer to a new acquaintance, or maybe work in tandem with a colleague. Since we do have matters of the heart on our minds at all times, this could also be a key week to having the defining the relationship talk.

Our resident astrologer, Athena Antares, says: "Juno speaks of our ability to merge with another. In the waters of Pisces, this asteroid dissolves the boundaries that were previously preventing us from reaching an agreement."

Expect this to be a positive shift, but there are a few things to note going forward, as Pisces can make us feel a little too dreamy at times.

Tips for dealing with Asteroid Juno in Pisces

"You may want to watch out for Juno to exude the shadow aspects of Pisces," Simmons warns. "This will include a lack of boundaries, being delusional about your commitments, not seeing your partner for who they are versus who you want them to be."

She continues, "Juno in Pisces will blur the line, so it could be especially hard to see when the shadow aspects are arising due to the excess of Pisces energy."

With Pisces in mind, there always seems to be the need to wear rose-colored glasses. Be positive, but do keep your thoughts in line with reality. And, of course, stay true to your instincts. 

"Instead of addressing issues or working through problems, Juno in Pisces could encourage us to forgive and forget," Simmons adds. "If this is done excessively, there may not be any progress in a relationship, so bad habits and other tendencies may persist instead of being nipped in the bud."

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If there are new bonds in your life, romantic or otherwise, pay extra close attention to their changes this week and let Juno do her thing. 

Curious what else is in store for us celestially? Your guide to April astrology events is the perfect way to stay on top of cosmic happenings and learn what they mean for you.

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