Looking for creativity and romance? The Stellium in Pisces can help with that

The astro moment we've been waiting for: the Stellium in Pisces! Time to up that delightful water sign's energy

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Keeping up with the cosmos isn't easy, but transits like Stellium in Pisces make the job worthwhile. 

You've no doubt marked this day on your calendar—which you can find on our list of gifts astrology fans love, by the way—and with good reason. It's a bountiful treat of all-things pleasurable. Yes, please!

"It's a really good lineup for following one's dreams," says Narayana Montúfar, an astrologer and the author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power. "Focus on romance, dating, creativity, rest—everything that's not about working."

Before you dive headfirst into your May horoscope, close out the month on a high note with a celebration of positivity. We could all use it, right?

Stellium in Pisces: what you need to know

When: April 26, 2022

First thing's first, what the heck is a Stellium? 

A Stellium is when three-plus planets are grouped together in the same sign. We are getting a huge dose of connectivity, as Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, the Moon, Mars and asteroid Juno make their way over into one of our favorite water signs.

One of the more favorable astrology events in 2022, Stellium in Pisces is a celebration of love, passion projects and the all-things energetic. Forget the mundane! 

According to astrologer Liz Simmons of The Crone, we can expect to connect to people both romantically and platonically during this time. Since the transit comes during Taurus season, we can also expect that these unions will be more meaningful, as this time period is all about looking towards the future and what will sustain us when we arrive.

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All in all, Stellium in Pisces is prime time to manifest your best life through astrology if you ask us. 

Tips for Stellium in Pisces

Although it's a particularly joyous occasion, that doesn't mean there aren't red flags here and there. (But don't go all Mercury retrograde on us!) 

Pisces tend to see things through rose-colored glasses, according to Simmons, so even if you're focusing on someone's best qualities—or making the best out of a particular situation—do hone some Taurus energy. This will keep you grounded and realistic, which is sometimes a struggle for the water sign. 

Even though creativity will be in ample supply during this time, note that you might find it difficult to actually bring ideas to fruition during the Stellium in Pisces. Gather your thoughts and what you want to pursue in the office and make note when this transit comes to a close. Work-related subjects might not be at the forefront at this time, but passion projects will be a go!

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Although our April horoscope indicated we would be in for a few ups and downs, despite the lack of retrogrades, we can certainly get excited about this end-of-the-month happening. Considering it's setting us up for more positive vibes as 2022 continues, we're not complaining!

"I think it could set us up for a really hopeful rest of the year I feel like it could be the perfect time to change our tune and our attitude moving forward throughout the rest of the year," Simmons says. 

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