The August 2022 full moon is forcing us to level up, especially these signs

'It’s a complicated moon because so many things are happening, but that's not to say it’s going to be bad'

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The August 2022 full moon is upon us at long last, and its bright rays will bestow us with a get-to-to-business energy. Did you expect anything less from the final supermoon of the year?

As our August astrology events calendar indicates, there are plenty of cosmic happenings taking place, particularly during the next full moon. A number of transits will evoke this serious vibe, which is a shift from the laid-back Cancer season mentality that we've been trying to cling to. Sure, we'll be busy, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

"It’s a complicated moon because so many things are happening, but that's not to say it’s going to be bad," says astrologer Noush. "All of these things are trying to level up how we take accountability for the future we want to build for ourselves and our community."

We hope you have a glass of moon water at the ready, a great astrology gift to have in your manifestation toolkit. It's time to welcome the busy season with new goals and a proactive mindset. Are you ready?

Meet the expert: Noush

An astrologer, creative and crystal enthusiast, Noush believes in the combination of energy healing and practical spirituality to bring meaning into our lives. You can learn more about your cosmic blueprint during an astrology reading with her or shop through an incredible collection of healing crystals @jooncrystals.

August 2022 full moon: the Sturgeon moon

  • When: August 11, 2022

We told you things would be busy: this celestial event also takes place alongside the North Node's Uranus conjunction, which could bring something to a culmination for us. Additionally, the moon's trine aspect to Pluto gives off that serious energy, which is why we're being asked to "level up."

"It’s igniting a new journey towards the soul’s desire and purpose, but it can involve having to let go of something," Noush says. 

Given that the fall and back-to-school season is often associated with a heavier workload and a go-get-it attitude, we're not necessarily surprised we're being asked to address our goals and work through areas we have been avoiding. Consider this a start for what's to come within the next several weeks.

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"In another perspective, it is a really good energy to get things done, so it’s good to get serious about your responsibilities, especially your responsibilities to yourself and your community," Noush adds.

Likewise, astrologer Narayana Montúfar echoes Noush's sentiments about tending to our responsibilities. If you've been doing so throughout the year, you'll enjoy the fruits of your labor, but if you've been a little lazy, it's certainly time to switch gears. Again, Cancer season is over, folks!

"Saturn in Aquarius, the teacher planet of karma, is being strongly activated during this full moon. This means that those who have been working hard towards their goals could receive rewards," she says. "Those who have not could feel the weight of not paying attention to their obligations."

Meet the expert: Narayana Montúfar

Narayana Montúfar is an astrologer and an expert in the astrological studies of the Moon and the author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power. She was one of’s Authority Magazine 2020’s Strong Female Leaders and one of Vogue’s 13 Astrologers to Follow in 2021.

She also notes how the Sturgeon moon in Aquarius during Leo season will make us pay extra attention not only to ourselves but to those in our lives. 

"This is the zodiac axis that deals with balancing the efforts we invest in ourselves and what we do for the collective," she says. "Leo is the sign of (me) and Aquarius the sign of (the collective), so we can expect to feel a pull between these two areas of our lives."

It'll certainly be a different experience from the impending Harvest Moon in September, which will be a touch of fantastical elements thanks to the Pisces energy.

Having a healthy balance between reality and whimsy is necessary. Since the full moon in Pisces opposes the sun in Virgo, it might be time to review our healthy habits," says astrologer Liz Simmons. 

Given that we're dealing confronted with Pisces, we'll also be asked to take on a creative mindset. 

"Make the most of the full moon in Pisces by dream journaling a few days before and after the full moon," Simmons suggests. "Taking note of your dreams is an excellent way to deep dive into your subconscious realm. If you’re not a fan of writing, you should get in touch with your artistic side."

Meet the expert: Liz Simmons

Liz is a self-taught astrologer and tarot reader who blends Hellenistic and modern techniques that utilizes the tropical zodiac, Placidus House system and Whole House system. You can book Liz for live astrology readings, tarot readings and written readings, among other services.

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Full moon August 2022 meaning

Although this full moon can feel a little less carefree than a few of its 2022 counterparts, it's all about the bigger picture. You'll be asked to think about what you want out of life and how you're connecting to those around you. 

"It’s about getting serious about your contribution, who you connect to and how you initiate new avenues to build community," Noush says. "[It asks you] to get serious about your goals and future, even your humanitarian goals."

We'll carry this sentiment with us for the remainder of the month and when the next new moon approaches. It will take place towards the end of the month while we're in the midst of Virgo season, and we could feel a little restless. But the positive energy from the full moon will have us dive head-first into something new, kicking that restlessness to the curb. 

"Work with others to achieve something bold and brave together. Be inspired to initiate things with other people," Noush recommends. 

Full moon August 2022 astrology: here's who will be most affected

"Check in on your fixed sign friends," Noush jokes. 

Although this full moon doesn't spell out disaster, it might be a little more intense for fixed signs. Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius sun or rising are likely to feel the effects externally, whereas the moon in any fixed signs might bring about internal issues that need to be addressed.

Tips for dealing with the full moon

Now is the time to handle experiences with maturity and focus on what makes you tick.

"I would really recommend not letting external chaos get too deep into your body and focus on practices that bring you joy," Noush says. 

But she does think a few breathers here and there (literally and figuratively) will be equally as important. 

"Connect to meditation, spirituality, breath work—things that kind of calm the nervous system."

If you're looking for ways to de-stress, check out our recs for the best meditation apps to help you feel centered. If you're a fan of crystals, Noush suggests opalite, moonstone, selenite and black tourmaline, as they all work well with our emotions, particularly when presented with challenges.

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Looking ahead: autumnal equinox

This full moon seems to set the stage nicely for what we're going to experience during the Autumnal equinox 2022. This event is considered a check-in point not only halfway through the calendar year, but the astrological year. Its Libra energy is calling us to find peace and harmony by not only reflecting, but examining areas of our lives when moving forward. 

"The Fall equinox marks a time when we can take time and slow down and assess what we’re willing to hold onto after everything that has excited us during the summer period," Noush says. 

She continues, "It’s about really checking in with your desires and manifestations and goals.  It’s an opportunity for us to change our own ways so that we can adapt or let go of things that no longer fit with the balance, harmony and peace that we want to create."

Overall, the last supermoon of the year can seem a bit daunting, and it might even put us on edge, though in reality, it shouldn't. It's just setting the stage for our future and making the most of what 2022 has in store for us.

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