When will 'Good Trouble' season 5 return to our screens? Here's the scoop

'Good Trouble' season 5 has arrived, but we're still waiting for things to wrap up. What's up with Callie, Mariana and co.?

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After what felt like a *very* long hiatus, Good Trouble season 5 has arrived.

Needless to say, we were thrilled to be reunited with the gang at The Coterie, and we have a lot to look forward to now that Good Trouble season 4 is behind us. New love, friendships, and yes, a bit of drama mixed in. (Naturally!) 

We were concerned this would be the final time we venture to Los Angeles with Callie, Mariana, and the rest of our crew. Thankfully, there's still more adventure to be had, but when can we expect the rest of the season to hit our screens? Here's what you need to know. 

When can we expect 'Good Trouble' season 5 to return to screens?

Good Trouble season 5 premiered on Thursday, March 16, and it's not clear when we can expect the conclusion of the fifth installment. New episodes dropped weekly through May 18, rather than in one fell swoop. Currently, 10 episodes are available in total, but we have no sense of closure. 

Back in May 2023, Deadline reported that the show planned to be in production until June but halted its efforts due to WGA picketing. Although the Freeform series plans on wrapping things up with the final two episodes it had intended, the timeframe is unclear. Will this be an extension of the current season, or perhaps segue into Good Trouble season 6? How will things conclude? There's still plenty TBD, so watch this space for updates. 

What day is 'Good Trouble' on?

New Good Trouble episodes land on Freeform and Hulu every Thursday at 10 pm. (Here's how to catch up on all the previous seasons of Good Trouble too.) As soon as there's new material, we'll be sure to let you know!

What can we expect from 'Good Trouble' season 5?

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The series, a spin-off of the ABC drama The Fosters, follows sisters Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana Foster (Cierra Ramirez) as they embark on their professional lives in LA... until Callie leaves, that is. 

The actor who plays Callie, Maia, left the show at the beginning of season 4. But Freeform has announced that Callie will actually be back for the beginning of the fifth season!

It's not 100% clear what Callie's role will be as she returns to the show, but Zuri revealed that the series will pick up where season 4 left off.

She revealed to Hello! magazine: "We will jump directly into where we left off. We're going to see each person choosing themselves—and taking the risks that come with that, which I think we started to see at the end of last season.

"Our lives will start to intertwine, and we have to show up for each other in ways that feel really nostalgic to season one."

Though it goes without saying, we're already dying to know how it all wraps up for our favorite ladies, especially as there is so much to unpack (Davia and Dennis, Mariana and Evan considering what happens to Evan in the first episode...and will we find out what happened with Callie and Jamie in DC?).

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