Today's Cancer new moon is the 'nourishing' transit we've been waiting for

Consider this your syllabus for Cancer new moon 101—what to know, how to prepare and more

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Exciting chapters are about to unfold thanks to the Cancer new moon.

One of the final June astrology events, this lunation will be comforting and nourishing, though you can also expect a gentle nudge that will force you outside of your boundaries. But don't be intimidated—it's all worthwhile. 

"Jupiter is making a square, and in some ways, that energy is asking us to push outside of our comfort zone to begin something that we may have been thinking about," says Noush, an astrologer at Girl and Her Moon


An intuitive astrologer with Girl and Her Moon, Noush believes in the healing power of focused energy. You can catch her cosmic insight during an astrology reading or by signing up for a Flow with the Moon Membership.

Curious to see what's ahead? Grab a planner—great gifts astrology-enthused fans will appreciate—and prepare to take advantage of one of the more "nurturing" moon phases this year.

Cancer new moon—everything you need to know

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New moon in Cancer: 2022 date

  • When: June 28, 2022

New moon June 2022 meaning

Though we'll definitely feel the feminine and comforting effects of Cancer season, this new moon is asking us to take things a step further and not procrastinate. At times, Cancer can be hesitant—waiting for the perfect moment to turn a plan into action—but Jupiter is giving us that extra oomph.

"Knowing that if we listen to ourselves—that internal Cancer energy—but we also trust the new chapter that needs to unfold, we will eventually be able to create a new level of safety or comfort for ourselves that we maybe haven’t experienced yet," Noush says. 

Whatever has been suppressed, particularly regarding the Cancer theme of home and private lives, might be brought to the forefront during the next new moon. If there is something that you've been closed off to emotionally, or perhaps something you've been avoiding, it might come to the forefront.

Noush adds: "I would say on a deeper level it can also bring to light to a deeper emotional part of ourselves that can be overlooked. Look deeply into the spaces of your soul and intentionally move forward with healing."

How to prep for the Cancer new moon

"Because we’re working with water energy, and our intuition is really activated, I would encourage you to follow that intuitive heart-centered space and trust that emotional energy is activated," Noush says. 

You'll want to get in tune with nature (and what better time to do so than the start of summer?), spend time with loved ones and pets and really pursue activities that will make you feel grounded. 

If you're looking to manifest under the new moon, it's important to listen to that water energy. 

"Bring the elements of nature into your manifestation process instead of just speaking it," Noush suggests, whether it's writing out your vision and dissolving it in water or setting aside a small bowl of water next to your crystals. "Love is a really strong component at this time that can help you manifest and connect to that energy can really move you forward."

Crystals for the Cancer new moon

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Speaking of crystals, you didn't think we'd forget to tell you about the perfect gems to snag for your collection, did you? Perish the thought! Of course, Noush, who happens to sell crystal via Instagram (check out @jooncrystals) is likely to work with a few specific stones during this new moon.

"I would say rose quartz [to] ground you and connect you to that heart-centered space," Noush suggests. "Or moonstone because it stabilizes our energy and emotional mood."

While you're at it, check out our guide to crystals for beginners and learn all about how cleansing crystals will maximize their effects.

That being said, experimentation is always welcome when adding to your crystal collection, so have a look to see what else might speak to you during this time.

"Crystals are a subjective energy, so you should try to see what works for you," Noush recommends. "It really comes down to the intention with the stone."

Now that you know what to expect and how to prepare for the forthcoming lunation, all you need to do now is kick back and wait for the universe to do its thing.

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