When is Cancer season? The slow-mo energy is winding down

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Summertime and the living's easy. The same can be said for Cancer season and its "Out of Office" mentality. 

One of the more feminine 2022 astrology events, this member of the zodiac is all about nurturing, TLC and the importance of home, regardless of where your holiday plans take you. Whether toying around with a few self-care day ideas or planning to reconnect with loves ones, Cancer season embraces it all.

If you ask us, this astrology season is one of the best of the year, but as you know, not all good things last forever.

When is Cancer season?

  • When: June 21 to July 20, 2022

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Cancer season is nearing its final hoorah, but we should take its wisdom with us, regardless of what the cosmos have in store for us next. 

"There's going to be lots of themes around what we consider our home and where we feel most at home in the world," says numerologist and astrologer Kaitlyn Kaerhart. "But it always comes back to this place of, 'How am I nurturing myself'?"

In numerology we're in a universal year—6—which is home, relationships, love and family. And, July is a month 4—home and foundations, so this sense of belonging and comfort will really resonate with us. In a sense, we're taking care of our bodies—our home—and those around us who make us feel at home. 

"How are we showing up for those around us? How are we really setting up these foundations for ourselves. Are we over-giving? Are we draining ourselves? It's about filling up your own cup before giving to others first," Kaehart notes. 

When we take care of ourselves and don't deplete our needs, it's easier to show up for the ones we love. 

"If you're able to give to yourself, you're able to give more to your loved ones because Cancer loves to nurture," Kaehart notes. 

Sure, the end of the summer brings a more dramatic energy (yes, we're pointing the finger at you, Leo) but that doesn't mean you should forget about your needs going forward. It's all about maintaining that balance. 

Kaitlyn Kaerhart

Kaitlyn is an intuitive numerologist, astrologer and the author of You Are Cosmic Code: Essential NumerologyShe is also a singer-songwriter with a new track, "Wildfire," out now. 

Prepping for Cancer season

Slow down! (Yes, really.) 

Though we tend to get caught up in deadlines, to-do list's and meetings, the best way to take care of not only ourselves but those around us would be to listen to our bodies' needs before springing into "giving" mode. 

"Schedule self-care," Kaehart says. "Really go out of your way to schedule that massage or say, 'I'm taking off.' Maybe go 24 hours without your phone." 

She continues, "Maybe it’s a great time to clear out the clutter and time to embrace new things and looking at your foundations: are they supporting you in the present."

Again, who doesn't appreciate self-care day ideas all year round? 


An intuitive astrologer with Girl and Her Moon, Noush believes in the healing power of focused energy. You can catch her cosmic insight during an astrology reading or by signing up for a Flow with the Moon Membership.

The Summer Solstice 

Cancer season coincides with the summer solstice 2022, and it comes as no surprise that it's a warm, positive energy to usher in the new time of year. 

Noush, an astrologer at Girl and Her Moon, says it will be a time to prepare to re-balance new energy that could possibly be headed your way. Be open to whatever the universe throws your way. 

In terms of preparing? She, too, is in favor of a little TLC.  

"Spend time outside and by the water," Noush recommends. "Find the way to take in the fire energy, but balance it with an activity that’s a little more grounding." 

All in all, this season is all about taking care of yourselves and those you love, and is there a greater gifts astrology fans could want?

What's next? 

When does Leo season start? As we wave goodbye to those relaxing vibes, we'll be awakened by the bold, playful and dramatic Leo energy—but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing. 

This is a great time of year to be social and enjoy art and creativity. But given that Leo deals with the self and our views of the self, we'll need to be cautious, particularly considering it's coming in an opposition to Saturn in Aquarius, which deals with the collective.

"Leo season is going to be nothing short of drama, which is just what Leo likes, says Noush. "It can bring that activity, that passion, that energy, that spice. The drama can also be fun, it doesn’t have to be scary."

She continues, "One of the biggest tips during Leo season, particularly this year, will be to not deny your truth."

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