The cast of 'Too Hot To Handle' season 3 reveal the wildest moment from the show

Olga, Beaux and Georgia from the cast of 'Too Hot to Handle' season 3 talk about their time on the Netflix dating show

Two of the contestants from Too Hot To Handle season three sat on a bed
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Season three of Netflix's steamy Too Hot to Handle launched last week and let’s just say it’s the naughtiest season yet. With a cast full of randy singletons, this season was always guaranteed to be a hit, but we could have never foreseen some of the things this season's cast got up to.

So we sat down with Too Hot to Handle season 3 cast members Georgia Hassarati, Olga Bednarska and Beaux Raymond to chat about their experience on the show, their worst dating stories, who they would date from the previous series,’ and the clue that told Georgia she was not about to embark on a sexy yacht boat with a bunch of other singletons.

*Warning: Spoilers for Too Hot to Handle season 3 below*

A chat with the cast of 'Too Hot to Handle' season 3:

Too Hot To handle

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Congratulations on the season. I binged it all yesterday and Olga, can I just say, I love how you can talk at 100 miles per hour.

(all laugh)

Beaux: And no one gets a word in.

Olga: Please tell me to shut up because I will just talk talk talk.

I love that! How do you guys think this season differs from the previous ones?

B:  I mean, the rule breaks for a start. I think there are a lot more rule breaks in there.

O: Yes, absolutely! I mean we lose all the money, don’t we? We literally go down to zero, we lose all the money, all the rule breaks.

B: Nathan leaving then coming back.

O: Lana breaking down as well.

Georgia: A lot of stuff happens that hasn’t happened in any other season.

What would say is the wildest thing that happened from what we saw or something that wasn’t shown?

B: I think Nathan returning was just crazy

O: I was never expecting that. I remember him standing there, and no one knew what was going on

G: We could see the shoes. I remember seeing Nathan’s long shoe.

B: He’s got the biggest feet ever.

G: He’s got this big cloak. And I was like, 'Wait, that looks like Nate’s foot.' And it was Nathan. We never expected him to come back. So that was probably the most 'wow' moment.

O: I don’t even know because I was busy dancing, I didn’t even notice anyone even standing there and then I just remember looking around and there’s this person just standing there and I thought it was just an actor or a prop so I didn’t think anything of it. It was Georgia that said, 'It’s the shoe, it’s Nathan’s shoe' and everyone was like 'oh my god.'

What do you think that people don’t realize about the production of the show? You’re in there for a month but we only get 10 episodes.

G: It feels like quite a while because you’re all in the one area for so long. You kind of lose track of the days, you’re just in a little bubble with everyone.

O: One day in the villa seems literally like a week in the outside world, as so much happens, so much action, so many emotions. It feels like a very, very long time.

Is there any time the cameras aren’t on you?

G: No, I think the camera sees everything.

O: In the shower, you would walk in and the camera would go (acts out the camera turning towards her) and I just remember thinking, 'Oh my god.' Honestly, nothing gets missed, there’s no area that is not covered. They basically see everything.

You couldn’t get away with any secret rule breaks then? Last season’s Melinda and Carly revealed how they got away with secret rule breaks that Lana didn’t know about.

G: I definitely didn’t. I don’t know if anyone else did. I never would have been game enough to try and sneak something in because Lana caught me every single time. She caught people kissing through shorts. She sees everything!

O: She knows everything. She sees everything. She’s everywhere. I wouldn’t try. Once you get to know the whole family environment, you don’t want to break the rules. You don’t want to break the family and you feel bad for breaking the rules.

G: It’s like you’re taking away from your family.

O: And honestly, in the Cabana, getting outed by Lana, it’s just not worth it. It’s a pit-in-your-stomach feeling.

G: It’s like going to the principal’s office and you know you’re in trouble and you’re sitting there just waiting for it. It’s horrible.

You had no idea what show you were going onto, but when did you realize you were on Too Hot to Handle? Were there any clues when you arrived on the island?

G: The only thing for me was on the first night, the first party night, I remember they gave us these cups that they used in season one of Too Hot To Handle. They’re like these little tumblers. And I remember thinking, 'I’ve seen this cup on Too Hot To Handle. Like, what if it’s that show?' And then I was so quickly blindsided again because they hide it so well. They have all this merchandise with another show name on it, and there’s like all these props and everything to distract you. So it went in my head for a minute and then I completely forgot again. 

O: I had no idea. Zero. People do say like, 'Surely, you must have known,' but I swear I had no idea.

B: I actually didn’t know because I hadn't seen Too Hot To Handle, so I wasn't even expecting it. I was totally blindsided by all of it.

Do you feel like the whole experience made you learn a lot about yourself?  

G: Yeah, I feel like we all did in different ways.

O: It was the last night, wasn’t it?

G: We got to say how we’ve grown and I feel like for everyone, it’s such a unique growth experience. For me, I confronted a lot more things than I would have on the outside. I usually run from feelings and emotions that make me uncomfortable, and I confront a lot of that.

O: Same, communication. Usually, if I don’t want to talk to someone or I’m not interested, I just ghost them. I wouldn’t reply. And it’s so easy to do, isn’t it? But when you’re in the villa, you have to confront emotions, tell people how you feel.

G: Every day, you’re around them You have to be communicating. And Beaux, I feel like you really opened up. In the beginning, you had your guard up.

B: If I was in that situation in the outside world, I would have just been gone and run off.

Georgia Hassarati from Too Hot to Handle

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One of my favorite moments has to be Georgia breaking up with Stevan and Gerrie, particularly the moment before when Gerrie was talking about wanting kids. 

G: You know what, Gerrie is such a great person but there’s nothing that freaks me out more on Earth than someone making really fast-forward plans. I get super overwhelmed. I feel like I’ve been put in a little box and I’m like, 'I’m trying to break free,' so you know Gerrie is lovely and I love him but I don’t move like that. I’m a lot slower.

O: Yeah, first date mentioning kids? You want to run!

B: You’d literally run for a mile, wouldn’t you? 'You want kids?' Alright, see you later.

Just Georgia’s face, she was so taken aback.

G: I can’t hide how I feel. It’s just like shock and horror all the time. I need to learn to do a poker face!

What has been your worst date or romantic experience?

B: I’ve got too many, I couldn’t pinpoint one!

G: Oh, I had a Tinder date with someone who catfished me. It’s why I won’t use dating apps again. I was horrified. I met up with the person and they were nothing like their photo and they had this weird van and in the back of the van, they had this rock collection. He was like 'I want to show you my rocks.' I had to pretend someone was calling me because I needed an emergency exit. I was like, 'You know what? This online dating stuff is just not me. We won’t be doing this again.'

O: I would be so terrified, I would never go out again. I could not deal with that. I don’t think I’ve had any weird ones like that. I just don’t get myself in situations like that. I would not want to do online dating, that is just not for me. There are too many catfishers, I don’t like it. Also, I’m so bad over text.

Quickfire question time! What is your most annoying habit?

O: I talk too much. I have verbal diarrhea.

G: Olga and I are the same in this way, that we like things in a very particular way. It’s also very difficult when you’re living with so many people and all of their stuff is mixed in. That’s like high-level stress. So that’s really a bad habit for me. I’m too particular.

O: Yeah, we live together and I’m like, 'Georgia don’t put this there. Like, the blanket is folded wrong, what is going on?'  

G: Beaux, you can burp like a legend.

B: That is a bad habit. I can burp but I don’t fart.

O: You know what? That’s a better end.

Beaux Raymond on Too Hot to Handle season 3

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If you were going to go out with a contestant from another season of Too Hot to Handle, who would it be?

G: This is a saucy question. I would probably say Marvin because I love a French accent. And that’s all I’m saying.

B: I knew you were going to pick Marvin, you love him. You love a little Frenchie.

O: I reckon I would go for Joey because of his personality. He’s funny and outgoing and he’s so good-looking. Honestly, I think he’s one of the best-looking contestants ever.

B: I can’t even remember half of them, my memory is terrible

G: I’ll name some for you: Chase, Robert...

B: That was my first thought, Robert, because he seems really genuine. And he’s got that London banter.

O: And that body.

B: But I go for a chubby one, don’t I Olga? I’d have to feed him up a little bit. Yeah, if we fed him up, then Robert.

One last question: meaningful connection or meaningless sex?

G: Hmm, difficult. I’m going to say meaningful connection because I am a connection girl. I love connecting with people and having something genuine. And then you can also have meaningful sex with a genuine connection. So it’s a double package. 

O: I agree with you, sex is so much better when you have a connection. Then you have the best of both worlds.

G: When it’s meaningless, it’s a bit like ugh and a bit motionless.

B: I could not look at someone and be like, 'Wow, I want to sleep with you.' I have to feel comfortable with that person. If there’s nothing personality-wise...

O: It’s like a brick wall. No way.

B: It would be like The Inbetweeners trying to have sex.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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