When is 'Love Is Blind' season 2 coming to Netflix? Things are about to get messy

Fans are curious: 'When is 'Love Is Blind' season 2 coming out? Soon we'll have a whole new cast...and plenty of drama

Love Is Blind season 2
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When is Love Is Blind season 2 coming out? The pods are open and emotions are running high.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, hopeful or hopeless romantics will be able to kick back with chocolate, wine and a new season of the Netflix dating experiment. 

Following After the Altar in summer 2021—you might recall the tumultuous roller coaster ride Damian and Giannina put us through at the time—many fans have been anxiously awaiting the sophomore installment. 

What will the cast of Love is Blind look like in 2022? Will there be successful relationships? Well, you can definitely count on a few bumps along the way, that's for sure. 

When is 'Love Is Blind' season 2 coming to Netflix?

We're headed to the Windy City—not that we'll really get a taste of Chicago from the pods, but we digress—starting February 11, 2022. The first five episodes will be available and ready to binge, but you'll have to wait for the entire season to be unveiled: four more episodes will premiere on February 18, followed by the season finale on February 25. 

In the show, cast members are to communicate with their potential partners from their respective pods—without seeing one another. Then, upon actually meeting face to face, they'll then decide whether or not to get engaged and take their relationship to the next level. Even though some might say "Yes," there's truly no guarantee until the duo steps foot in the outside world. 

'Love Is Blind' season 2 trailer

It's intense! Think you could handle a challenge like this? Though a stressful environment, at least the pods look cozy! Silver linings. 

A little over a week before the big premiere, Netflix decided to tease fans with one more glimpse into what's ahead...and it looks like we have a runaway bride?! 

Between flirty banter gone wrong, tears and exasperation, these romantics are certainly going to be put to the test this season. 

In late 2021, the series acknowledged its delay in production due to COVID with help from Chloe Veitch—a contestant on Too Hot To Handle. 

In a comedic snippet for the platform, the reality TV queen is seen hosting her own version of Love Is Blind with fellow Netflix contestants from other reality dating shows. A security guard comes in to break up her fun and then reveals the show will make a comeback in 2022.

'Love Is Blind' cast season 2

Don't expect your typical crew this time around. There are 30 brave new contestants looking for their person in the most untraditional way possible. Meet them all below and learn a little bit about their hopes going forward. 

"If I could tell the love of my life one thing, I have IBS and I go to the bathroom five times a day, but hopefully he loves me for who I am and is still willing to get married to me," 29-year-old Natalie reveals in the clip. 

Props for keeping things real.

Although we have some time before the premiere, there's some good news for all those with love and romance on the brain: the Too Hot To Handle season 3 cast is ready to shake things up, as is the Married at First Sight Australia crew. 

Who said the wintertime would be cold? Your favorite shows will definitely heat things up!

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