We spoke to 'Ginny & Georgia' actor Damian Romeo about season 2 and his character Matt Press

Who does Damian Romeo play in 'Ginny & Georgia'? The actor discusses his hunky high-school character and the cast's karaoke nights

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Damian Romeo is taking a trip back in time to high school. 

Part of the cast of Ginny & Georgia, the actor and former Canadian Infantry Army vet plays the emotionally confused high schooler Matt Press in the popular Netflix dramedy. 

Though there are extremes for the characters to grapple with in the new installment—we're all wondering "Who did Georgia kill in Ginny & Georgia?"—Romeo insists there are plenty of relatable moments sprinkled throughout. 

With Ginny & Georgia season 2 now streaming on Netflix as of Thursday, January 5, we caught up with the actor to discuss the new season and what's ahead for him. 

My Imperfect Life chats with Damian Romeo from 'Ginny & Georgia':

Q: Damian, tell us about Ginny & Georgia season 2!

A: Ginny & Georgia season two picks up right after season one ends, about two weeks later, and you can see that there was a lot of damage happening at the end of season one. So there's a lot of rebuilding that has to take place first.

On a mother-daughter relationship level, I think many are going to see the frustrations between Ginny and Georgia. Even though in everyday life, mothers don't go and murder people, but there are some themes that may be where mothers don't tell the whole truth to their daughters to protect them, so I think some of those themes will strike a chord.

You play Matt Press: how does he factor into the whole story? 

Matt Press is a high school kid who is a part of Ginny's friend group, and he's going through his own problems—I think he has a problem with communication and how he feels. 

He can come across as a jerk, but I think that every young man, or most young men, especially in high school, don't know how to communicate how they feel about someone so they use insults and being mean as a way of teasing their crushes. But I would say he's still trying to figure out who he is as a person. 

What was your favorite moment from this season and why?

My development with Abby's character [played by Katie Douglas]. It showcased a different side of them. And if there's one scene in particular, it's during the school play where Matt Press [finds out] that Abby has been taping her legs, and it shocks him because it's the first time in the show that he realizes that his words have a serious effect on others. 

What do you think viewers will take away from your character? 

People will be able to recognize Matt Press as someone they've met at some point in their lives, and people should be able to take away that there are better ways of communicating and showcasing your emotions, even to your friends. I don't necessarily think the way he handles his emotions is right at all. 

I think that whenever someone is mean or angry or upset there's usually an underlying issue. They're not just being a mean person—there's a reason why they're hurting.

We're all curious about Ginny and Marcus this season. Does Matt overlap with the couple?

With Marcus's character, Press is the first one to pull him aside during class and invite him over to a party. It seemed like Press could've been doing it to upset Ginny, but at the same time, I think Press just thinks, you know, relationships and high school are silly and everyone's over-dramatic.

What is it like interacting with the Ginny & Georgia cast every day?

We're a big, happy family. Everyone is so friendly and so nice, and during season one we'd go out and sing karaoke, but season two was a little harder because of COVID restrictions. We have a group chat where we all chat with each other and update each other on how we're doing.

What did you learn from filming the second installment?

I always thought it was going to be very hard for me to play a teenager because I'm almost a decade older than my character, but playing Matt Press taught me that it's a lot easier than it looks! It took me a while to get back into that young, youthful mentality, but it was a lot of fun to do. 

What will surprise people most about the new season?

I think the biggest surprise is Cynthia's character, to be honest. I love seeing how heartwarming her performance really is, and you kind of care for people you disregarded as being mean and villainous in the first season.

You’re starring with your Ginny & Georgia co-star Chelsea Clark in the thriller Pins & Needles. Can you tell us about it?

It's a horror film and it's got a lot of intense moments and I think that Chelsea is going to showcase her range as an actor and her physical performance. It's going to be a very intense but also wild ride. 

The second season of Ginny & Georgia is now streaming on Netflix.

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