Did Joey and Kariselle get married after 'Perfect Match'?

Things took a turn for the serious at the villa but did Joey and Kariselle get married at the end of 'Perfect Match'?!

joey sasso proposing to kariselle snow on perfect match
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Wait, did we miss something? Did Joey and Kariselle get married when we weren't paying attention? 

Although the couple was surprisingly not crowned the Perfect Match winners (that went to Dom and Georgia) fans were eager to follow the dynamic duo's journey throughout each Perfect Match episode—and what a journey it was. At the start of the season, exes Joey Sasso and Kariselle Snow reunited at the villa of sexy singles for Netflix's latest dating experiment. Though there was excitement to rekindle their romance, there was also a bit of hesitancy, too. 

"So, I met Joey in L.A., and uh, yeah. It was wild. He looked me straight in my face and told me he's in love with me, literally said he was going to marry me one day, and I fell for it," Kariselle said in a confessional. 

Despite a tumultuous past, the two gravitated towards each other from the get-go and continually matched with one another throughout the entirety of the series. Sure, Chase might've temporarily swayed Kariselle in another direction, but ultimately, her heart chose Joey. 

So, do we hear wedding bells in the not-so-distant future?

Did Joey and Kariselle get married after 'Perfect Match'?

Much to our surprise, Joey and Kariselle had become the most stable and suitable couple in the entire series—and the only one to get engaged—but unfortunately, the two have called it quits since their televised engagement. 

In an interview with TODAY (opens in new tab), Sasso revealed that his sobriety and the timing of the series made it the perfect opportunity to pursue something serious with Kariselle. 

"This was something that I felt was a really amazing time to give our relationship a real shot," he admitted. "In the past, we had tried making it work, but it just never really matched up. I knew when I saw her night one that was the person I was going to be dedicated to the entire time on the show. There was no one else who caught my eye during filming."

Ultimately, however, distance and other factors stood in their way of marriage. In an interview with Netflix Tudum (opens in new tab), Sasso said, "We love very hard, so the highs are high, and the lows can be very low. At this point, we just know that we’re probably better apart, but that we really want to try to work on our friendship." He added that "without going into detail, things just weren't the way they were supposed to be."

When asked, Snow was disappointed about the turn the relationship took. 

"It sucks because I want to be here saying, like, 'Oh my God, yeah. We're getting married tomorrow' or 'we eloped in Vegas.'"

None of the Perfect Match couples walked away with a lasting union, but some of them are holding out hope, perhaps for a potential Perfect Match season 2

"I don’t know if there’s anyone from Selling Tampa that’s still single, or maybe Cheer," Dom Gabriel told Netflix Tudum. "Gabi, if she's single. I don’t know if you’re watching this, but hey, how are you doing? Maybe I’ll see you on season 2."

Cheers to the enthusiasm and here's hoping all of Netflix singles find what they're searching for.

Perfect Match season 1 is available for streaming on Netflix. 

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