Meet the bold and dynamic Kariselle Snow from 'Perfect Match'

Kariselle Snow came to the villa with high hopes. Where have you seen her before, and what is she up to now?

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Kariselle Snow ventured to the Perfect Match villa to find that "once-in-a-lifetime true-love fairy tale." Did she succeed? 

At the start of the Netflix series, we were weary about Kariselle rekindling an old flame with Joey Sasso. Still, she was hellbent on turning an old situationship into something more. 

"He looked me straight in my face and told me he's in love with me, literally said he was going to marry me one day, and I fell for it," Kariselle said on the show. 

The couple had a few hiccups along the way—and Kariselle had a brief stint with Chase Demoor—but ultimately, they proved to be one of the most stable Perfect Match couples, continually choosing one another time and time again. It was a pleasant surprise.

We'll admit, we were definitely surprised that Dom and Georgia ultimately dethroned Joey and Kariselle and became the Perfect Match winners, especially considering the on-again-off-again couple took the plunge and decided to get engaged while on the show. 

But before you learn what's ahead for the lively Perfect Match contestant, let's get to know her a bit better.

Who is Kariselle Snow from 'Perfect Match'?

Kariselle Snow is no stranger to reality dating shows. Still, you might not have recognized the model-musician's first stint on TV: she was disguised as a panda on Netflix's Sexy Beasts, which had daters decked out in identity-concealing prosthetics while wining and dining. She also appeared on Are You the One? season 8 on MTV. 

But Kariselle's time on Perfect Match is particularly worth noting as she was able to discuss her sexuality. Upon Abbey Humphreys' arrival at the villa, the show segued into a more sexually diverse competition, and Kariselle got candid about her journey. 

"You know, coming to terms with my sexuality was something that was actually really traumatizing for me—coming out to my parents, that was f***ing terrifying," Kariselle revealed to Joey, who was completely accepting. "I came out when I was 13, and that was hard. I was already the weird kid, and I was like, 'F***, now I'm kinda gay?' That was terrifying."

Sadly, she had some difficult past relationships, one of which was abusive, she admitted while on Are You the One.

Where is Kariselle Snow from?

The reality TV star hails from East Hanover, New Jersey. She holds the title of Miss New Jersey 2020, an achievement from her time competing in the Miss USA pageant.

Kariselle Snow age: how old is she?

Born on December 18, 1995, Kariselle is a 27-year-old Sagittarius, a zodiac sign she shares with plenty of other Perfect Match cast members. According to astrologers, being a Sag made for some good TV. 

"Sagittarius is always interested in challenges, having fun and experimenting," Nebula's astrologer Iva Naskova previously told My Imperfect Life. "In fact, this show is ideally made for this star sign. It provides them with a sense of adventure, and adrenaline, experiencing something new every day and having lots of fun."

(For the record, we assessed the Perfect Match cast members' compatibility according to zodiac signs—we were invested.)  

Kariselle Snow Instagram: what's her handle?

You can find Snow on Instagram at the handle @kariselle, though note that her page is currently private and only accessible by her 132,000 followers. 

Where do Joey and Kariselle stand now?

Did Joey and Kariselle get married? Unfortunately, their happily-ever-after came to a close shortly after they left the villa. 

"We love very hard, so the highs are high, and the lows can be very low. At this point, we just know that we’re probably better apart, but that we really want to try to work on our friendship," Joey told Netflix Tudum.

Kariselle echoed the statement about their roller coaster ride. "Things with Joey were good. It was like here, then here," she told Tudum while lowering her hand. "Then it was like here again, then it was like, 'Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!' And we just couldn't get it back."

Here's hoping she gets the happy ending she's waiting for. Should Kariselle have any other TV gigs in the works, you'll be the first to know.

Perfect Match is now streaming on Netflix. 

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