Does Tully find out who her dad is in 'Firefly Lane' season 2?

Tully decides it's time to end her decades-long quest in finding her father. Will she succeed?

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Does Tully find out who her dad is now that Firefly Lane season 2 has dropped?

The Netflix drama wraps up a few loose ends in its sophomore installment—like what Tully did to Kate—but it also takes fans down new literal and figurative roads. In the '70s, young Tully hitches a few rides—best friend Kate in tow, of course—when she decides to uncover her roots.

Then, fast-forward to 2004 when this infamous friendship breakup tears apart two lifelong friends. Now that Tully has seemingly lost the closest thing she's had to a sister, she decides to continue her journey to find the little family she has left. Will she succeed in finding her father? 


Does Tully find out who her dad is in 'Firefly Lane'?

Yes, it turns out that Tully's father is Parker Binswanger, brother of the nasty  Benedict Binswanger, an aspiring governor who Tully came into contact with while on an assignment. 

Before we reveal details, let's back up. We all know about Tully's ups and downs with her mother, Cloud. At the end of the first season, Kate and Tully are torn apart when her hippie mom is arrested and Tully is shipped off to her grandmother's. That's when she discovers photographs of Cloud with a mystery man. 

In season 2, Tully's determined to find out who said mystery man really is, leading her and Kate to embark on a few road trips, which end at Benedict Binswanger's doorstep. Years later, when Tully was on an assignment, it seems rather interesting that horrific Binswanger knew so much about the reporter interviewing him during his run for governor.

When life goes haywire and Tully's talkshow glory days are behind her in the early 2000s, as well as her friendship with Kate, that's when she decides to have another crack at finding her dad. This time, however, this time she has the help of her mother and a documentary crew. 

After years of piecing together clues, she discovers that her father is Parker Binswanger, Benedict's brother, who was forced by his family to disown Cloud when she became pregnant. When she realizes that her father is no longer alive after decades of searching, she has a few choice words for the brother who hurt him and tore him away from his family.

"As much as it hurts that I never knew my father, at least I never had to call you uncle," she said. 

She also threw in a few insults, too, calling him a "pathetic, lonely one-term governor, who lost his brother because of his selfishness and greed."

Yes, emotions are high, and this is just one storyline that will leave viewers feeling overwhelmed. We hope you brought tissues to marathon the first part of season 2. 

If you've been asking "When does Firefly Lane season 2 part 2 come out," we'll give you the scoop on everything that's coming next. If you can't get enough of Kate and Tully, make sure to check out our favorite shows like Firefly Lane to keep you busy in the meantime.

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