Shows like 'Firefly Lane' to put on your list if you love Kate and Tully's story

Curious what's next? Shows like 'Firefly Lane' will keep you busy once you've parted ways with everyone's favorite BFFs

kate and tully in firefly lane season 2 working at their desks
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If you need a dose of friendship in your streaming queue, shows like Firefly Lane will do the trick. 

We've just reunited with our favorite KPOC duo, but things have gotten off to a tense start in Firefly Lane season 2: everyone's asking, "What did Tully do to Kate?" now that their bond is seemingly shattered. (Truthfully speaking, we're having a hard time contending with the rift.)

But a broken friendship is just one of the struggles facing the characters and their loyal following: Do Johnny and Kate get back together after their messy split? Does Kate die in Firefly Lane? Does Tully? Needless to say, emotions are high. 

If you're looking for something to marathon after watching Kristin Hannah's book-turned-series on Netflix, allow us to give you a few suggestions. Firefly Lane season 1 and season 2 part 1 are currently available for streaming. For those asking, "When does Firefly Lane season 2 part 2 come out," we've got you covered there, too. 

Shows like 'Firefly Lane'

Wondering where to pick up after you've left Kate and Tully? These new releases and classics will keep you plenty busy, so ready a bowl of popcorn. 

1. 'Dead To Me' (2019-2022)

  • Where to watch: Netflix

Grief unites an unlikely duo, Jen and Judy, in Netflix's beloved dark comedy. While the new best friends bond over glasses of vino and classic sitcoms, Judy's harboring a big secret that can turn Jen's already fragile world upside down.

2. 'The Bold Type' (2017-present)

  • Where to watch: Hulu

Consider The Bold Type to be The Devil Wears Prada—without the devil. Three best friends at Scarlett magazine tackle New York City's cutthroat publishing world together and help each other through heartbreak, family struggles and everything in between.

3. 'Sex and the City' (1998-2004)

  • Where to watch: HBO Max

Is there a quartet more well known that Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha? Although we know the famous women behind the iconic characters might not be terribly close in real life, the group of best friends in the series are soulmates. From shopping sprees to lunches, Post-It breakups and lengthy phone chats, these four women are inseparable. Catch up with them now (minus Samantha) in the HBO Max spinoff, And Just Like That. Season 2 is on its way. 

Film Still from "Sex and the City" Cynthia Nixon, Kristen Davis, Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker © 2000 HBOFilm Still from "Sex and the City" Cynthia Nixon, Kristen Davis, Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker © 2000 HBO

(Image credit: Alamy /Graig Blankenhorn / PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive)

4. 'Broad City' (2014-2019)

  • Where to watch: Hulu

A comedic answer to Firefly Lane, Broad City follows best friends Ilana and Abbi as they take on adulthood in New York City—finding love, exploring their sexuality, figuring out their career path and ultimately, keeping their bond strong when life sends them in different directions. Expect a lot of laughs and NSFW moments in this one. 

5. 'Dollface' (2019-2022)

  • Where to watch: Hulu

After a difficult breakup, Jules reunites with her girlfriends and experiences all of life's ups and downs with a little help.

6. 'Insecure' (2016-2022)

  • Where to watch: HBO Max

Issa and Molly are best friends who tackle all of life's awkward, insecure moments together. Although we've just approached the final season of the beloved show, you can relive some of its best moments with our love letter to Insecure and its portrayal of Black womanhood.

Season 5 of insecure with issa rae

(Image credit: Raymond Liu / HBO)

7. 'Pen15' (2019-present)

  • Where to watch: Hulu

Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle relive their cringe-worthy middle school moments—a.k.a. all of them—in this 2000s throwback that is every bit nostalgic as it is hysterical. 

8. 'A Million Little Things' (2018-present)

  • Where to watch: Hulu

A tight-knit group of friends are all going through different experiences in life: success, struggle, happiness, heartbreak. Regardless of who is going through what, they all have one thing in common: they're struggling and they just lost one of their closest friends. How will this loss affect them going forward?

9. 'Love Life' (2020-present)

  • Where to watch: HBO Max

Like Firefly Lane, HBO Max's Love Life is heavy on the flashbacks: in each season, we encounter a specific relationship in its many stages. 

Love Life season 1 darby on subway platform; played by anna kendrick

(Image credit: Sarah Shatz / HBO Max)

10. 'Virgin River' (2019-present)

  • Where to watch: Netflix

Though the story of a nurse practitioner starting anew after her husband's death is more focused on romance than friendship, viewers agree it has the same small-town, cozy, welcoming vibes as Firefly Lane. 

11. 'The Morning Show' (2019-present)

  • Where to watch: Apple TV+

If Kate and Tully's adventures at KPOC in the 80s has left you intrigued, have a look at Apple TV+'s fictional take on the ups and downs of broadcast journalism.

12. 'Gilmore Girls' (2000-2007)

  • Where to watch: Netflix

We'll never refuse an opportunity to recommend our favorite show about the friendship between a young, coffee-obsessed mom and her precocious daughter. Lorelai and Rory have a place in our hearts, always. 

Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel in Gilmore Girls

(Image credit: Alamy /Ron Batzdorff /PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive)

13. 'Laverne & Shirley' (1976-1983)

  • Where to watch: Pluto TV

Polar opposite roommates and co-workers at Shotz Brewery in Milwaukee are just quirky enough to make their friendship work. This classic never goes out of style. 

14. 'Golden Girls' (1985-1992)

  • Where to watch: Hulu

A classic tale of friendship if ever there was one, Rose, Dorothy, Sophia and Blanche's bond transcends generations. 

15. 'Grace and Frankie' (2015-2022)

  • Where to watch: Hulu

Though targeted for an older female audience, Grace and Frankie's bond is one that any woman and her best friend can relate to...even if their circumstances are slightly different. The women's husbands choose to leave their wives for one another, which makes way for an unlikely friendship, housing situation and business venture.

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