What happened between Savannah and Nick, the strategic pair on 'Perfect Match'?

Are things *really* platonic between Savannah and Nick, 'Perfect Match's' best buds? Are they still in contact?

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Savannah and Nick, Perfect Match's "platonic" pair certainly confused us, that's for sure.

For the uninitiated, let's back up: Netflix decided to bring together singles from its résumé of reality dating showsLove Is Blind, Too Hot To Handle, among others—for its new show, Perfect Match. But the new series raises the stakes considerably: hopeful romantics are forced to pair up in order to stay in the villa—of course, there's a villa—and couples who win challenges are able to break up other pairings or send their own match packing. In essence, you're one step closer to your person, just as long as you're able to remain in the house.

For the majority of the Perfect Match cast, pairs are made according to attraction, but that's not necessarily the case with Savannah and Nick. They met while on The Circle, but while on this new series, they clearly expressed interest in other people—Nick has eyes for Francesca, who is paired with Dom (then later Damian Powers, followed by Abbey Humphreys) but Savannah wants to get to know Dom. It goes without saying, but anyone who gets in Francesca's way better say a prayer. 

So, while Joey Sasso and Kariselle Snow are reigniting an old flame and Shayne Jansen is exploring things with Izzy Fairthorne, to name a few of the show's love birds, it appears Nick and Savannah are strategizing. Nick is attempting to get a word in edgewise with Francesca, yet Savannah is admiring Dom from afar...until the last moment possible (a.k.a. when it comes time to match for the night). She's so concerned about staying in the house that she might be missing out on what was right in front of her. 

What happened between Savannah and Nick on 'Perfect Match'?

Getting too caught up in strategy and pursuing Dom at the wrong time—which ultimately leads to words with Francesca—causes Savannah's stay in the villa to be uncertain. Nick, however, is giving things a fair shot with both Izzy and Ines and chooses to match with Ines for the evening to see where the new attraction might take them. 

That's when Savannah drops a bomb: "Come on, you know she's just gonna leave you next week for someone else," she tells Nick after he decided to move on. 

"What am I supposed to do, though? Like, everyone knows we're friends," he replies.

"No one knows what we did last night. And now you're going to let me go out like this? Mostly, I just wanna be with you," Savannah adds. 

In a plot twist that came too little too late for the unmatched single, Savannah seemed to have been steering away from Dom and towards her friend: "I think I was starting to have genuine feelings for Nick," she says in a confessional.

Where do Savannah and Nick stand now?

Savannah and Nick follow one another on Instagram, commenting on each other's posts from time to time, but it's unclear whether or not they have maintained any type of close relationship post-show.

When they did return to the show for the finale—and to learn who would be crowned the Perfect Match winners—Nick took a liking to LC and ended up trying to pursue something with her. At this time, it's not clear where he stands with her either. 

Needless to say, the Perfect Match couples didn't necessarily get that happy ending, but we're still curious where everyone stands. Netflix, not to rush you, but we're definitely interested in a Perfect Match reunion and Perfect Match season 2. We're just putting that out there.

The first four episodes of Perfect Match premiered on Netflix on February 14. Catch episodes 5-8 on February 21 and episodes 9-12 on February 28. 

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