Shows like 'Perfect Match' to binge after you finish the debut season

If you thought 'Perfect Match' had its cringey moments, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Dom Gabriel and Francesca Farago in a kissing challenge on Perfect Match on Netflix
(Image credit: Netflix / © 2023 Netflix, Inc.)

Now that the outlandish dating experiment is over, shows like Perfect Match will keep you busy until Netflix decides to bless us with a Perfect Match reunion...or perhaps Perfect Match season 2

For those who like their reality shows messy and their drama all-consuming, this new series is exactly what your screen time ordered. We have love, heartbreak, deception and, unsurprisingly, a gorgeous seaside villa where it all transpires. 

Since the Perfect Match winners have been crowned, and now we're patiently waiting on an update as to whether or not Joey and Kariselle got married, you can keep busy with these other brilliantly disastrous dating series. 

The best shows like Perfect Match' to watch next:

From franchise favorites to new Netflix series, our list of shows like Perfect Match has a little bit of everything. And, if you recall, some Perfect Match singles got their reality TV start on a few of the shows below!

1. 'Love Island' (2005-present)

  • Where to watch: ITV, Hulu

The UK's dating series staple, Love Island is the trainwreck you can't turn away from. Sure, there's a beautiful villa (of course), but the antics on the show are far from beautiful, as relationships are put to the test with twists, challenges and Casa Amour. Here's how to watch Love Island UK from anywhere in the world, as the drama knows no bounds. 

2. 'Dated & Related' (2022)

  • Where to watch: Netflix

Though the title of the series might need a little massaging, the premise of Dated & Related is ideal for Perfect Match fans. The show features host Melinda Berry guiding both singles and their siblings through fun challenges. Having your brother and sister in tow for a date? Awkward! (Here's what's going on with the Dated & Related couples today, FYI.)

dated and related villa views at night

(Image credit: Netflix)

3. 'The Bachelor' & 'The Bachelorette' (2002, 2003)

  • Where to watch: ABC and Hulu

It's hard to think back to a time before The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. In the iconic reality series, one lucky single is presented with, quite literally, a hoard of daters looking for love. He or she gets to romance them all until they hand out one final rose to their partner of choice. We don't need to tell you that it's ridiculous...but highly addicting!

4. 'Too Hot To Handle' (2020-present)

  • Where to watch: Netflix

Dating gets difficult when a crew of sexy, over-zealous singles must remain celibate in order to win the grand prize of $100,000. (And, yes, even with that hefty pile of cash as an incentive, the cast members still manage to break the rules!)

Holly Scarfone on Too Hot to Handle season 3

(Image credit: Netflix)

5. 'Cosmic Love' (2022)

  • Where to watch: Prime Video

Who doesn't welcome a little help from the stars? In this new series, hopeful romantics try to find their "cosmic love" with a little help from astrology. (Don't we all?)

6. 'Love Is Blind' (2020-present)

  • Where to watch: Netflix

Singles interact in pods before meeting—and potentially marrying—face-to-face in this wild series, which, like Perfect Match, is hosted by Nick Lachey. Here's the scoop on the upcoming Love Is Blind season 4

love is blind season 3 overhead shot of the pods

(Image credit: Netflix © 2022)

7. 'The Ultimatum' (2022-present)

  • Where to watch: Netflix

If you love the cringe factor of Perfect Match, The Ultimatum gives it a run for its money. In another Nick Lachey-hosted show, longtime couples pair up with other partners to see if they should get married or move on. Yikes!

8. 'F Boy Island' (2021-2022)

  • Where to watch: HBO Max

Just as the raunchy name suggests, women convene (again, at a villa!) to determine which of their 20+ suitors are gentlemen and which are only out for one thing.

Host Nikki Glaser of HBO Max F Boy Island

(Image credit: Warner Media)

9. 'Are You The One' (2014-present)

  • Where to watch: MTV, Hulu

Data and tech is used to determine the perfect match, but will singles who are ready to mingle lead with their minds or their hearts? If everyone matches up to their respective matches, they win the cash prize.

9. 'Temptation Island' (2001-2003, 2019-present)

  • Where to watch: USA Network

The disastrous dating show from the early noughts, which ran on Fox, has been given a second life over on USA Network. While on a beautiful island, people are encouraged to either move on from their current matches or stay together. How will fate tempt them?

Watch Perfect Match season 1, now streaming on Netflix.

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