What happened between Jackie and Marshall in 'Love Is Blind: After the Altar'?

Time to catch up with Jackie and Marshall, the drama-filled duo from the pods

What happened between Jackie and Marshall from Love is Blind at After the Altar?
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Jackie and Marshall reunited after the tumultuous Love Is Blind season 4 reunion (you know, the one with the massive tech glitches) to put their differences aside. Were the two exes able to move forward amicably? 

In Love Is Blind After the Altar, which hit Netflix on Friday, September 1, we catch all members of the pod squad coming together for a flag football match—and not just the Love is Blind season 4 couples. Naturally, bringing everyone together poses a few challenges, especially for those pairings that did not end on good terms.  

For those who don't recall, Jackie and Marshall got engaged during season 4 of the Netflix series, but ultimately, Jackie had decided she was not a good fit for Marshall, and she seemingly pursued her connection with Josh from the pods while still engaged, which ended up not being the case. She received major flack for refusing to return Marshall's engagement ring and sending a slew of mean-spirited text messages about Marshall to her friends. 

Needless to say, things got a little messy. Though Marshall said during the reunion that he wanted to stop fans from pitting them against one another, will he take his own advice while filming After the Altar?

What happened between Jackie and Marshall in 'After the Altar' season 4?

Despite the terms on which they parted, Jackie and Marshall seemed to squash the beef and put the past behind them. Marshall asked for a quick chat during the group's restaurant outing post-football game, which ended with the two embracing for a hug. 

"The breakup was obviously so messy, and I apologize for that," Jackie said. "I should've been more open. I should've been more nurturing. I just haven't got there yet."

Marshall, for his part, apologized for not wanting to let the relationship go when perhaps he knew he should've. 

"You deserve everything and more. And I do, too. We both do," Jackie added. 

Jackie and Josh are still going strong, and we catch them moving into their new place together. Meanwhile, Marshall found love with a new girl, Chay, who had just become a doctor. (We meet her briefly in After the Altar season 4 during a date night with everyone's favorites, Brett and Tiffany.) All in all, the former couple seemed to have made the right decision and worked through what they both needed to.

Jackie and Marshall's quick chat proves that you can reconnect with an ex in an amicable manner, even if you do not intend to stay close friends. We're glad to see that the issues have been resolved. But as far as Jackie, Josh and Monica? Well, that is another story entirely...

If you want to see where the Love Is Blind season 4 couples stand today—as well as the show's other participants and familiar faces (lookin' at you Irina and Shelby)—tune in to After the Altar to see what's happening. Spoiler alert: everyone's still madly in love with Brett and Tiffany, a.k.a. a surprise to no one!

Love Is Blind: After the Altar season 4 is available on Netflix beginning Friday, September 1.

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