The internet agrees: Shelby from 'Love Is Blind' is the worst best friend

Meet Micha's BFF, Shelby. 'Love Is Blind' fans are convinced she's more foe than friend

shelby love is blind season 4 friend of micah's at the bachelorette party
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Just when we thought no one could top Irina, Shelby, Love Is Blind's new villainess, swoops in to bask in the mean-girl spotlight. 

We meet Micah's best friend halfway through season 4, when she decides to introduce her friend group to her fiancé, Paul. He's polite, well-spoken and gentlemanly during this first encounter. However, Shelby immediately disapproves. 

Before giving a thumbs down to the camera, Shelby tells Micah that this is not the match for her while crying. We understand being skeptical of the experiment—it's pretty bizarre, after all—but if you see that your friend is happy and that her S.O. is a good man, shouldn't you at least try to be polite?

Things only get worse with Shelby on Paul and Micah's wedding day. 

*Warning: spoilers ahead!*

Fans react to Shelby, 'Love Is Blind's' *worst* friend of the bride

Shelby vehemently disapproves of Micah's plans to move forward with the engagement. So when her BFF is not one of Love Is Blind season 4 couples to get married, Shelby is elated, to say the least.  

Paul is mid-sentence on the altar as Micah storms off stifling tears. Shelby is grinning and looks like she is one step away from doing a cartwheel. She admits that she's "relieved, honestly." She also adds: "That's how I wanted it to go."

You wanted to see your best friend balling her eyes out on her wedding day?! The internet is endlessly baffled by Shelby's monstrous behavior. Yes, you can be protective and even skeptical of your friend's rash decision, but to laugh at her pain? No one gets it. 

Some fans are beginning to wonder if this whole scenario was orchestrated—how could someone be this happy while a loved one is suffering?!

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And don't forget about Irina...

Anyone else think Micah's BFF from the pods, Irina, will swoop back in now that Paul is single? She did take quite a liking to him, after all. 

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See how everything unfolds during the first live Love Is Blind season 4 reunion, airing on Sunday, April 16 at 8pm ET/5pm PT on Netflix.

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