Are Josh and Jackie still together? We get the scoop at the 'Love Is Blind' reunion

Fans have daggers pointed at Josh and Jackie. 'Love Is Blind's' infamous pair gives an update on where they stand today

Josh and Jackie Love Is Blind season 4 couple, together at a coffee shop
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While Marshall was being fitted for his wedding tux, Josh and Jackie, Love Is Blind's second-choice couple, decided to give their failed romance another try. The problem? Jackie was seemingly still engaged to Marshall when she came to this decision, which she now denies. 

"Marshall is too sensitive for me, basically," she confessed to Josh over coffee. "When I told him to be more aggressive and boss up, he left for like three days."

When Josh asked how Jackie would think Marshall would feel about their impromptu get-together, she quickly replied, "I don't care." After some back and forth, they ultimately decided to pursue their love and sealed the deal with a kiss. We were floored. But where do Josh and Jackie stand now? 

Where do Josh and Jackie, 'Love Is Blind's' newest couple, stand today? 

In the massively delayed live Love Is Blind season 4 reunion on Sunday, April 16, Jackie and Josh revealed that they are still going strong one year later, living together and acting as dog (and fish) parents. Although they didn't appear on the reunion itself, Netflix presented a two-minute interview clip of the two with Vanessa Lachey.

This didn't really come as a surprise, given that they were spotted on a date  at a Seattle Mariners game in early April 2023. One sneaky TikToker uploaded the now-viral footage to the platform, and though it wasn't terribly telling—the pair was just walking to and from their seats—we assumed that they did not attend the game platonically. 

What did surprise us, however, were some of the accusations Jackie made about her former flame, Marshall. She infamously decided not give back her engagement ring when they broke up, and she alleged that he wanted to snatch up the rock so that he could propose to another contestant from the pods, an accusation he denies.


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Twitter reacts to Jackie and Josh from 'Love Is Blind':

Let's just say the internet had some thoughts about Jackie's breakup with Marshall and quick get-together with Josh. It's safe to say the large majority of Twitter is #TeamMarshall.

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Jackie responds to 'Love Is Blind' editing

On Saturday, April 8, a week before the reunion, Jackie took to Instagram, alleging that she met up with Josh after she had called it quits with Marshall, suggesting that Netflix had messed with the timeline to make it appear as if she was cheating. 

On the reunion, she clarified issue she had with the timeframe that viewers witness during the fourth season: "It looks like I'm a cheater, and I am not a cheater," she said. 

While yes, it is definitely possible that this is the case, fans are still not buying that Jackie Instagram explanation

As for Jackie and Marshall, the two certainly have beef, and there seems to be some confusion surrounding those Jackie and Marshall texts mentioned during the reunion. Both have taken jabs at one another, but it looks like they're ready to move on and put the experience past them.

"This me versus you thing, it needs to die," Marshall said, alluding to fans taking sides.

Will it? Guess we'll see during  Love Is Blind: After the Altar

If you were one of the lucky ones who did get to see the "live" reunion, catch up with our play-by-play in the Love Is Blind reunion recap. If not, here's how to watch the Love Is Blind reunion

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