Are there any 'Love Is Blind' rules about wearing wedding rings? Ask Micah Lussier

An eagle-eyed TikToker seems to think Micah is telling us something with her accessories...

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There is plenty of Love Is Blind rules for hopeful romantics to follow once they enter the pods, but Micah Lussier might've let us in on another tidbit we're unaware of. 

On April 14, the final episode of season 4 dropped, alerting us to which Love Is Blind season 4 couples are still together. In honor of the big reveal, the cast put up images on social media pages to celebrate. Micah's TikTok caption read, "Whenever I'm a glass deep away from my man" and we catch a glimpse of her left finger with a ring. 

So...does that mean what we think it means?!

'Love Is Blind' rules and Micah's take on them:

*Warning: spoilers ahead!*

Although Paul and Micah ultimately went their separate ways by the end of the fourth season—she left the altar in tears as her friend, Shelby, looked on with pure joy—she was caught on TikTok wearing a ring on that finger. Not an engagement ring, but what appeared to be a wedding ban. Well, well, well...

When a fan caught wind of this, she thought it was a spoiler. (Little did she know Micah's wedding day was a disaster.) Micah insisted that the ring was placed on her right hand, though, spoiler again, it was indeed her left ring finger. The reality star chimed back in with, "We aren’t allowed to wear rings whether we got married or not."

First things first: is she breaking the rules by wearing this ring, right on the day that everything is revealed? Do the pod squad members have to adhere to strict jewelry policies, so as not to tip off any viewers about their final outcomes? And, should this ring have nothing to do with Paul—which it likely does not—does that mean there's someone else in her life?

According to our sister site Marie Claire, some of the rules that contestants must adhere to include not telling relatives that they're engaged until after they return from their honeymoon. Additionally, after the wedding episode is filmed, all those filmed must keep their relationship status a secret so as not to reveal anything. Given that there is a big time difference between when the weddings were filmed and when they aired, that's certainly a tall order. 

My Imperfect Life reached out to Netflix about the ring situation but did not hear back at the time of publication. Given that they are supposed to keep things on the down low until the big reveal, we wouldn't be surprised if there are jewelry limitations. That being said, we definitely think Micah might've accessorized a tab bit too soon. 


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Although we now know who says "I do," we'll learn everyone's current relationship status during the first-ever live reunion. On Sunday, April 16 at 8pm ET/5pm PT, the Love Is Blind season 4 reunion will make its way to Netflix, and though we can't say anything for certain, we're fairly sure it's going to be a wild ride!

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