Who is still together from 'Love Is Blind' season 4? The wedding days are here

We *FINALLY* learn who is still together from 'Love Is Blind' season 4 and who runs for the hills in the final episode

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Curious who is still together from Love Is Blind season 4? The answers are in!

Now that the final episode has arrived, we're walking down the aisle with all of the Love Is Blind season 4 couples, minus a notable pair, of course. Some seal the deal, others say "thank you, next."

It's been a crazy few weeks with unexpected twists and series' firsts (looking at you Zack and Bliss). Now we know how the journey has played out. Were those Love Is Blind season 4 tweets and conspiracy theories actually true? Let's find out!

Who is still together from 'Love Is Blind' season 4?

Although the last episode of the season hit Netflix on Friday, April 14, we still have to wait for the LIVE Love Is Blind season 4 reunion on Sunday, April 16 at 8pm ET/5pm PT on the streaming service. That will be the final confirmation, but in the meantime, here's how the nuptials wrapped up. 

*Warning: spoilers ahead!*

1. Chelsea and Kwame

Fans were suspicious about Kwame and Chelsea.

Although she was 100% sold, Kwame needed a little extra convincing. First thing's first, he was not entirely over Micah, his other connection in the pods, and he had reservations about uprooting himself from Portland to Seattle to live with Chelsea. 

There were major red flags, but on the big day itself, Kwame's sister seemed to help with the wedding jitters. Ultimately, the two said "I do," and judging from his Instagram post on Friday, April 14, the newlyweds have been living together blissfully ever since. 

"Just a quick response to anyone saying “they have no chemistry”, or “they don’t even love each other”.. based on what you saw, I don’t blame you for thinking that," Kwame wrote on Instagram. "But actually, we had the MOST fun together falling in love!" 

2. Jackie and Marshall

We left Jackie and Marshall on shaky terms early on in the season, and things only got worse from there. 

Considering Jackie and Josh, her other match from the pods, were spotted at a Seattle Mariners game on Monday, April 3, 2023, we had a feeling things wouldn't play out well between her and Marshall. Our assumptions were correct: when the ladies were wedding dress shopping, Jackie ditched the appointment to met up with Josh—they even kissed!

After her coffee date with Josh, she returned home to break the news to Marshall and didn't seem terribly affected by his feelings. "Marshall, I can't love you because I'm attracted to Josh," she confessed. Plus, when Marshall asked for her ring back, she refused.

But IRL, Jackie insisted that the editors jumbled the timeline and she had broken up with Marshall before grabbing a cup of Joe with Josh. Fans definitely did not buy Jackie's Instagram explanation, but they did seem convinced Jackie's alleged text messages addressing her relationship status (and partner switch) were authentic. 

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3. Micah and Paul

Despite being seemingly an opposites-attract situation—and the fact that Micha's BFFs Irina and Shelby aren't thrilled with the pairing—Micah and Paul have trudged on. But many viewers were not rooting for her success after her disastrous behavior in the dating quarters. And, let's not forget about Micah's Arizona home, something that Paul's not 100% sold on: will they really be able to split the time between Scottsdale and Seattle like she hopes?

Well, splitting their time is not something they have to worry about. Ultimately, Paul cannot commit to Micah, and he storms off the altar while in tears while he is still speaking. Oddly enough, her friend Shelby is thrilled the union did not work out. The camera pans in on her while she's all smiles and Micah's crying. 

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4. Zack and Bliss

Zack and Bliss were involved in the season's biggest love triangle—and perhaps the series' biggest love triangle—yet somehow they managed to make it work, even though she seemed to be the second choice after Zack's disastrous attempt at love with Irina. 

"I'm engaged to Zack," Bliss says in a confessional. "Life is weird. It's exciting and shocking. I feel so cheesy saying this, but I knew that he was my person from just hearing him—our first date."

Will things remain blissful? Her father is not terribly convinced, but on their big day, they both say "I do." On April 14, Zack took to Instagram to share a pic with his lady and captioned it, "Eternal Bliss."

5. Tiffany and Brett

Brett and Tiffany have captured our hearts from the moment she fell asleep in the pods. That has literally been their biggest issue this season, and it seems like the show's entire fanbase is rooting for these two. If there isn't an "I do" we'd be shocked and, quite frankly, devastated. But our suspicions were correct: these two make it! (*Happy tears*!)

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