These 'Love Island' 2023 memes are *giving*—from Zach's humbling to Whitney's iconic comebacks

These are the best 'Love Island' 2023 memes so far...

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It's safe to say Love Island season 10 is delivering on the drama front and with drama, of course, comes memes. So, for anyone in need of a good laugh, here are the best Love Island 2023 memes so far—you're welcome.

While we've already had a fair few memorable moments from our gaggle of islanders, the meme game has also been top-notch with Twitter doing what Twitter always does best.

So, for anyone looking to relive all the funniest scenes so far, before the chaos of Casa Amor ensues, here's a collection of the best memes from the summer season so far—from the whole George 'levitating' saga to Medhi's viral and oh-so iconic walk...

The best 'Love Island' 2023 memes 

While Casa Amor is still yet to rear its dramatic head—which historically, always lends itself to some of the best memes—the first three weeks of the ITV dating show have not been lacking on the comedy front. So, grab your Love Island water bottles and scroll on!

1. Just taking a moment to appreciate EVERYTHING Whitney says

It's no exaggeration to say that Whitney has been pure, comedy gold since the moment she bombshelled her way into the villa. Like that moment she called Jess a 'Bitcoin gal' because she was so in demand around the villa and of course, when she snogged Zach—just to see what all the fuss was about and yeah, she got it.


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2. "I’d levitate towards a girl like you"

Urm, the word you were looking for was 'gravitate', George.

3. Medhi's walk

The gift that just keeps on giving. We could watch Medhi walk away from conversations for an entire Love Island episode to be honest and we're clearly not the only ones.

In fact, one fan tweeted: "medhi and his sweetie darling, darling sweetie walk will forever kill me."

4. Mitchell's bedtime breakup

Literally, all of us Mitchell turn over to Molly as the lights went down to say, "Don't talk to me after tonight"... 

Very much giving, "you're not invited to my birthday party anymore" vibes.

5. The best disguise? A sparse plant...obviously

Molly Marsh gave us a 2.0 to that now-iconic Molly-Mae Hague plant spying moment. If you missed it, Molly used the fool-proof disguise of using some faux hanging plants on the terrace to spy on Zach's date with bombshell Leah.

6. Jess being delulu

In this particular episode, let's just say Jess was saying a lot of words about Molly...

7. Tyrique and Ella, round 3

It seems fans can't remember the last time Tyrique and Ella has a conversation that didn't spiral into chaos.

8. Tyrique and his Versace shades

Naturally, when Tyrique flipped his Versace shades down, it couldn't not become a meme...(P.S. Ella's sunglass collection also feature some major designer names).

9. ITV, we see your growth

We're all very much appreciating the lack of cliffhangers this year, keep up the good work ITV.

10. Theo's famous line is applicable every season

Of course, when Molly Marsh was dumped from the island after bombshell Kady choose to recouple with Zach, Theo's infamous line from season three couldn't not make a comeback...

11. Molly who?

And while we're on the subject of Molly's dumping, a certain Zachariah didn't seem to miss her for very long...

Heartbreakingly still, Molly revealed on Aftersun that she was planning to wait for him—unless he shared kisses outside of challenges that is...

12. That whole Whitney, Zach and Medhi moment

The night of the Heart Rate Challenge graced us with yet more iconic Whitney content. ICYMI, after Medhi decided to 'lips' four of the girls in the challenge, Whitney made a point to ask Zach about why he kissed her and whether he liked her performance, in front of Medhi—before then delivering this incredible clap back in response to Medhi's antics...

13. "Humbled, embarrassed."

We saw Zach experience all the emotions when Kady swerved his kiss...

Stay tuned for more Love Island 2023 memes...

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