Here's how 'Love Island' has made its way into your new favorite TikTok trend

The 'Love Island' TikTok trend 'I'm sat' is everywhere—we'll give you the origins and the meaning

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A Love Island TikTok trend has been gaining traction in FYPs, and just like the dating show itself, it can be a bit embarrassing—but fun to watch.

Among the trending hashtags on TikTok, you might've come across "I'm sat." It's not unusual for the app to generate a vocabulary all its own—you've no doubt asked "What does mid mean on TikTok?" and "What does corn mean on TikTok?" before. Now, everyone's "sat."

We'll go through the origins, its ties to Love Island and why the trend is responsible for giving us a good laugh. 

What's the 'Love Island' TikTok trend, 'I'm sat'?

Those who are familiar with the show have likely heard this famous clip: "I'm done with the conversation now." (A line like this is a given since those on the island are prone to drama.) 

TikTok users have decided to take this audio clip from the show and followed it with a deeper "sit back down." Once app users reveal "I'm sat," it's go-time: that means it's time for them to show off their most embarrassing celebrity crushes, of which there are plenty! 

We've seen the hashtag gain over 26 million views—and counting—so we are certainly expecting a few odd love interests to pop up here and there. But no judgment.

So, essentially, a TikToker will voice "I'm done with the conversation now," followed by the more menacing "sit back down." Then, a picture of their embarrassing loves will appear followed by "I'm sat," and said TikToker sitting. 

Excellent 'I'm Sat' examples on TikTok

Sometimes, the internet truly outdoes itself. 

1. Kim Possible

Well, Kim is pretty badass! 


♬ original sound - 22Funnier_

2. Rosa Diaz

Arguably the toughest member of the 99—and perhaps even the most intimidating—Rosa Diaz is certainly a solid pick. 


♬ original sound - 22Funnier_

3. Will Turner

We can't resist Pirates of the Caribbean, right?!


♬ original sound - 22Funnier_

'I'm Sat' spinoffs

Some of us are not terribly keen on revealing our celebrity crushes, so we've decided to take a different route with "I'm sat." Have a look at some of the other LOL moments, sans crushes. 

1. Dog 'I'm Sat'


♬ original sound - 22Funnier_

2. Cat 'I'm Sat'

♬ original sound - 22Funnier_

3. Mom 'I'm Sat'


♬ original sound - 22Funnier_

'Love Island' season 8

While yes, the trend was somewhat removed from the guilty pleasure TV show itself, never fear: we're here to keep you up to speed. 

Love Island season 8 will bring many changes for fans: there's a new place for attendees to call home. The new villa will likely still be in Mallorca, but on the Northeast Coast, according to sources. 

And, perhaps the most welcomed change of all, the show finally opened to non-binary contestants, a first for the series. We're all for LGBTQ+ representation on screen. 

Before getting caught up with the new season, do be sure to have a laugh with the best Love Island memes and check out the list of Love Island UK couples that are still together. 

Watch the new love, heartbreak and drama unfold beginning June 6 on ITV2. Not in the UK? No sweat: we'll give you all the info on how to watch Love Island UK no matter where you are in the world this summer.

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