What does corn mean on TikTok? The trend has nothing to do with veggies

Is the corn emoji the new eggplant?

Grilled corn with spices and herbs on white background
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What does corn mean on TikTok? In typical social media fashion, this new trending term yields some unexpected results, none of which have to do with vegetables. (Are you surprised?)

Joining the ranks of the most unusual TikTok trends 2021 has gifted us, the corn phenomenon is a seemingly SFW way to approach a NSFW topic. And if there's one thing platform users love, it's a little deception. 

Remember the TikTok sundress challenge? Fashion lovers were anxious to dive in, but this viral event was actually about having sex in public places. No dresses—or any clothing, for that matter—required. Then there was the whole rubbing under your tongue TikTok trend that had nothing to do with oral hygiene. Heck, TikTokers are using lube as makeup primer. Anything goes!

So why exactly are people fascinated with the produce? Well, "corn" does rhyme with ...

What does corn mean on TikTok?

Forget the eggplant emoji. Corn is the new phallic symbol meant to indicate a conversation about porn. Considering the two rhyme, it's a way to mention the topic without the fear of being censored. 

While some might peruse the corn hashtag in search of steamy results, others are using #corn as a way in which to educate people about the adult entertainment industry. User @alisonreyx is attempting to destigmatize the work and even gives her 400,000+ followers many behind-the-scenes looks at what it takes to create a "corn". (No, there is nothing X-rated in the clip below.) 


##behindthescenes for @officialadulttime with ##monawales ##tylercruise ##production ##productionassistant

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What do you think: is this just a way to find raunchy material, or is there a bigger meaning behind the trending term? Whether on social media or daily conversation, it does seem as though people are attempting to approach pornography from a new mindset. One new study in the Frontiers in Psychology is an example. 

According to findingswatching porn together isn't as bad as we might've been led to believe. Per the study, those who watch racy films with their S.O. experience higher relationship and sexual satisfaction than partners who do not. However, solitary porn consumption was negatively associated with a person's relationship and sexual satisfaction, only when the person's partner engaged in little or no pornography usage themselves. 

Is social media going to be the go-to outlet to discuss taboo topics? Is it all just racy and X-rated? It all depends where you're searching and who you're following—your FYP will be the judge. 

Actual corn on TikTok

And for those who thought the were being treated to a few TikTok recipes or foodie hacks, don't sweat it. There is plenty of viral corn content—yes, actual corn. Look at @popcornshow6's page for some fun foodie clips that will make you rethink that bag of PopSecret. 


#corn #snacks #popcorn #food

♬ original sound - Popcorn

If you'd prefer to stay away from corn entirely—the food kind or the NSFW kind—why not peruse viral TikTok items to add to your shopping cart? These ideas might help with your holiday wishlist!

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