What are the most dangerous star signs? Check out the scary stats...if you dare

UpCounsel.com did some sleuthing to uncover frightening reveals from the cosmos

zodiac signs on black clouds meant to symbolize the most dangerous star signs
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Not to point fingers, but are you familiar with the most dangerous star signs of the zodiac? 

Sure, we turn to the cosmos for a sneak peek into our romantic lives. We love to keep up with astrologers' predictions for each season. (Our June horoscope is available, FYI.) But, can this mystical practice help us uncover all of the frightening questions we have for the universe?

UpCounsel.com surely wasn't afraid to get dark and heavy. The company decided to log the birth information of the world’s most notorious serial killers. The hopes were to find striking revelations between star signs and a murderous disposition. (One fire sign might not be terribly thrilled with the results.) 

Since we know you appreciate the best true crime on Netflix, we figured the sleuths in all of you would be curious to uncover UpCounsel's data. Looks like we're bound to use those astrology compatibility findings a bit differently going forward. 

The most dangerous star signs, according to UpCounsel.com

Consider this the gift astrology fans never knew they needed. According to UpCounsel.com, here are the signs in order of their murderous tendencies, as well as the number of famous serial killers that coincide with each sign. (You know you're curious.) 

  • Sagittarius: 11
  • Pisces: 10
  • Capricorn: 10
  • Aquarius: 9
  • Scorpio: 9
  • Libra: 7
  • Aries: 7
  • Virgo: 6
  • Cancer: 6
  • Leo: 6
  • Gemini: 4
  • Taurus: 4

Sagittarius has taken home the W, and infamous killers that fall into that astrological birth chart include Ted Bundy, Richard Cottingham (The Torso Killer) and José Paz Bezerra (The Monster of Morumbi). 

Oof, talk about off-putting facts for the fire sign. Definitely not something astro-minded folks will want to share.  

Sagittarius' fire traits landed them on this list, but interestingly enough, the members of the zodiac took home the second spot of the most popular zodiac signs, according to crowd-sourced research from PsychicWorld.com , particularly for their liveliness. If you look closely, all fire signs are the most beloved! Interesting...

  1. Aries (Fire):
    62.30% positive, 25.76% neutral, 11.95% negative
  2. Sagittarius (Fire):
    59.67% positive, 25.34% neutral, 14.99% negative
  3. Leo (Fire):
    53.41% positive, 32.98% neutral, 13.61% negative
  4. Libra (Air):
    51.91% positive, 34.27% neutral, 13.82% negative
  5. Pisces (Water):
    51.68% positive, 33.09% neutral, 15.22% negative
  6. Capricorn (Earth):
    50.65% positive, 29.61% neutral, 19.74% negative
  7. Taurus (Earth):
    51.91% positive, 32.61% neutral, 17.19% negative
  8. Cancer (Water):
    49.54% positive, 29.75% neutral, 20.71% negative
  9. Virgo (Earth):
    46.1% positive, 31.97% neutral, 15.19% negative
  10. Gemini (Air):
    45.76% positive, 34.07 neutral, 20.17% negative
  11. Aquarius (Air):
    45.19% positive, 41.09% neutral, 13.72% negative
  12. Scorpio (Water):
    44.29% positive, 33.96% neutral, 21.75% negative

"Fire signs not only spark passion but create a wildfire of frenzy," astrologer Liz Simmons previously told My Imperfect Life. "Generally speaking, they are often mistaken for being too cutthroat or hurtful. If anything, a fire sign’s honesty is remarkable. It isn’t for the faint of heart or someone who isn't ready for the truth."

So, what should we take away from these eye-opening findings? Anyone can be downright cruel and inhumane, regardless of their star sign, and as you've probably gathered, different studies might cancel one another's findings out. 

All in all, there's no need to sleep with one eye open...at least for now!

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