'How To Build a Sex Room' is Netflix's spicy new take on home reno projects

We have to hand it to Netflix. 'How To Build a Sex Room' is certainly a unique concept

netflix how to build a sex room, living room display
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DIYers and HGTV enthusiasts, there's a new surprise from Netflix: How To Build a Sex Room.

The canon of home reno shows is getting a kinky twist with the help of designer Melanie Rose. While we're accustomed to glam—we'v'e devoured all of the Selling Sunset seasons, thankyouverymuch—we've never experienced this type of luxury.

Some may be skeptical of Rose's endeavors, and others might envision The Red Room from Christian Grey's mega-mansion. But viewers will actually be pretty surprised to see what the interior designer has managed to create. (No, not just a room chock full of different types of vibrators.) 

The streaming service gave curious folks a sneak peek into what's ahead for its steamy release, and some of the show's final products are actually stunning. Plus, Rose's wit will surely make these projects all the more exciting. 

If your typical house and home programming can benefit from a little steaminess, Netflix will make you think twice about the term "hygge." 

netflix how to build a sex room

(Image credit: Caleb Alvarado/Netflix © 2022)

Netflix: 'How to Build a Sex Room' trailer

"A sex room can be anything from a sumptuous bedroom to a dungeon under the stairs,” Rose says in the first episode. “But when I design them, they can be beautiful, they can be fantasies, they can be anything my clients desire."

We get a sneak peek at different couples and the undertaking that Rose tackles for them. We have a cozy living room with some NSFW curtain patterns, an oversized bathtub with a few toys on the wall and even a few chandeliers here and there. 

Take a step into the kinky, cool rooms and decide for yourself what you think of Rose's work. And if you're thinking about remodeling that back room that no one ever enters, perhaps Rose will serve as some sort of sexual design inspiration? (If that's a little too forward for you, we'll help you decorate a home office—no sweat.)

How to watch 'How to Build a Sex Room'

It's time to take a break from that true crime marathon: How To Build a Sex Room has been available on the streaming service since July 8. 

"They are places where couples can explore their deepest fantasies," Rose said in the trailer of her rooms. 

For the uninitiated, Rose ventures over to a new home in each episode where every couple has different desires. From there, she and her general contractor, Mike—who we hope isn't terribly bashful—help bring their fantasies to life, quite literally.

netflix how to build a sex room bathtub

(Image credit: Caleb Alvarado/Netflix © 2022)

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Fan reactions to 'How To Build a Sex Room'

As you might've imagined, audiences are stunned, engaged and of course willing to dish their feelings on Twitter. This just might distract viewers from their obsession with crime stories as of late.  

Some want a 'Sex Room' 'Selling Sunset' crossover


Others are simply taken with Melanie Rose

No word yet on season 2, but fingers crossed we get more Melanie Rose. 

Some are simply in awe of the projects

Well, not necessarily the projects, more like the fact that people are able to buy a home and devote a room in said home completely to sex.

Though we aren't given too much details about the show's participants, it seems Rose arrives when couples need to reset their sex lives...and do away with a few empty rooms in their abodes. Libraries and man caves are cool, but some people are looking to take their interior design in a new direction. 

Catch the show in all of its sexy glory...and maybe pick up a few tips for your own space? 

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