Noodle the pug, TikTok's new obsession, provides the day's forecast in the most adorable way

Bones day, or no bones day—that is the question and only Noodle the pug, TikTok star, has the answer

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While we love a good horoscope prediction, Noodle the pug, TikTok's adorable pet crush, has stepped in as our latest visionary. His forecasts help guide our journeys throughout the day, and truthfully, we'd be a little lost without them. 

If you're unfamiliar with Noodle, it's time to introduce yourself to the clairvoyant canine. The 13-year-old pup keeps cozy in his bed in New York City alongside owner Jonathan Graziano (@jongraz). Their 2.6 million followers anticipate a daily prognosis that predicts how events will play out, a crucial part of morning routines everywhere. 

The concept is simple, delightful and irresistible, as evidenced by over 100 million views on the hashtag #bonedays. Graziano hoists his furry friend out of his bed while he's still a little groggy—the worst kind of situation for pets and humans alike. If he stands up and faces the challenge head-on, it's a "bones day." If he plops himself back down, it's a "no bones day." 

Noddle and his forecasts are among the best TikTok trends 2021 has gifted us, and you cannot convince us otherwise. 

Noodle the pug: TikTok moments

So, bones or no bones? That is the question. Bones days are indulgent and they're meant for you to take advantage of anything and everything you'd like. Considering an extra cup of coffee? Ready to buy that fall jacket on Amazon? Now's the time. No bones days are the opposite—a low-key, TLC, self-care day. They're a great reason to stay in bed!

"Look at him standing like a deep-rooted tree," Graziano explains on a fabulous bones day. "Noodle, thank you for your bounty."

He continues: "It's a bones day and you know what that means: you gotta treat yourself today. Get the scallion pancakes with your takeout order. I don't care if you finish 'em! Get that deliriously expensive candle. Bask in your good fortune!" 

While we don't necessarily need a bones day to stock up on the best scented candles, we'll certainly take it as a sign from the universe and our dear Noodle that we need to make a purchase. 

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I think we all saw this one coming 🦴🔮 ##nobones ##bones ##pug ##noodletok

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"It's a no-bones day. It's a Sunday, I feel like this is kind of a good day for one, we were due for it so just take it easy, don't rush into anything," Graziano says as his four-legged companion plops back down on his bed.

Sundays are such no-bones vibes, don't you agree?!

Noodle the pug on the 'TODAY' show

Now that Noodle the pug, TikTok superstar, has garnered viral attention and given us something to look forward to every morning, it's no surprise that the team at TODAY wanted to have the cutie on camera. 

So what was it on TV: bones day, no bones day? Have a look at the pug's sweet cameo to find out! 

@jongraz (opens in new tab)

I know this is coming later than usual - you can ask @TODAY Show about that 🤯🔮🦴 ##nobones ##bonesday ##pug ##noodletok

♬ original sound - Jonathan (opens in new tab)

As you might've imagined, such a quick rise to fame has resulted in the need for merch: check out Noodle t-shirts, pouches, masks and mugs on Threadless (opens in new tab). We'll just go ahead and take one of everything while we're soaking up those bones day vibes.

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