Pluto goes direct: 2021's lengthy retrograde comes to an end and forces us to think about our legacy

The moment has finally arrived—Pluto goes direct. 2021's five-month-plus retrograde is over! Here's what that means for you

Pluto. Illustration incorporating NASA New Horizons terrain imagery.
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The moment has finally arrived—Pluto goes direct. 2021's lengthy retrograde is officially over! 

So mark your calendars (which make great gifts astrology fans love, FYI) and take a breather. Pluto might be small and far away from Mother Earth, but its effects are certainly fierce. 

"It is a huge growing pain but a necessary growing pain to make sure you’re on the right track," astrologer Liz Simmons says of Pluto retrograde, which takes place from April 27, 2021 to October 6, 2021. 

Simmons continues: "It's not necessarily an easy one, but it is something that has such a long retrograde period that we have plenty of time to really rethink about how we want to reemerge from it better than before."

This multi-month occurrence has particularly been about the legacy we want to achieve, whether that is professionally or personally.  

"It really put us back to the roots of our foundation and asked us to think about the structure which we orient ourselves to," Simmons says. "Collectively that translates as well with what kind of structures we abide by, what kind of responsibility that we do take in terms of doing our part."

She also believes that retrograde was a time that many old-school beliefs, be it political or religious, faced challenges. Judging from the news cycle, we can certainly confirm that was indeed the case. 

Pluto goes direct 2021: What it means for you

October 6 is the final day of the retrograde—the term we've all come to dread—so what does that mean going forward? Saturn will follow suit on October 10 and Jupiter on October 17. And, of course, the infamous Mercury in retrograde ends on October 17. Neptune, Venus and Uranus will still be moving backward a little while longer, however.

As Pluto prepares for a more normal routine, we should focus on doing our part not only as individuals but also as part of a community, Simmons suggests. Especially considering Pluto's retrograde took place in Capricorn, we should be concerned about sustainability in our lives going forward.

"Now that it's going direct, we can think about what slow but sure actions we can take to transform our lives. So what you're building now and what it's going to look like in six months, to a year to five years."

She adds: "It's such a long retrograde to think about how we want to be reborn again post retrograde."

Even when astrological events appear difficult or stressful (yes, Mercury, we're looking at you), don't fret. They're all different, but they're all meant to teach you something about yourself and the world. However, in the end, it's about what you make of the situation—the stars are simply there to guide you. 

Be sure to take a look at your 2021 horoscope predictions and see how the stars can guide you towards everything that you are looking for in 2022. Pluto, we're glad you're direct again, but we've definitely gained some knowledge along the way during your retrograde!

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