Adele is obsessed with Saturn: in astrology, here's why it's important

When it comes to Saturn in astrology, the planet 'doles out hard work, but also rewards us when the work is done'

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We're just as obsessed with Adele as she is with the cosmos. Her not-so-subtle nods to Saturn have us questioning how the ringed planet truly affects us. 

Since the pop diva inspired us to indulge our curiosity about Saturn in astrology, we spoke to the pros to uncover its significance. Not to be dramatic, but it turns out that Saturn is kind of a big deal—a very big deal, in fact. (Dare we say, it's bound to become pop culture's next Mercury in retrograde?!)

Adele can attest to it its importance—you might recall the singer speaking to Vogue about her forthcoming album, 30, and how its creation coincided with her Saturn return. 

"It's where I lost the plot," she confessed. "When that comes, it can rock your life. It shakes you up a bit: 'Who am I? What do I want to do? What makes me truly happy?' All those things."

That's right, this bad boy means business. Of course, Adele's Saturn earrings and planet-themed tattoo are adorable, but the second-largest planet in our solar system is not here to fool around.

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What's the meaning of Saturn in astrology?

Although we promised not to get too dramatic, it's a bit of a challenge when discussing Saturn. 

"It's so important because it's the planet that holds our life together and helps us stay on course," says author and astrologer Narayana Montufar. "It's not a fun planet to talk about, but it's a necessary planet to talk about."

Getting to work on time, paying your bills, keeping your schedule in check—it all comes down to this fella. 

"Old man Saturn rules over time, structure, hierarchy, authority, responsibility and maturity," astrologer Liz Simmons adds. "Everything Saturn touches in our charts or in ongoing transits, it typically matures the other celestial aspects and bodies."

Yes, it can all feel rather intimidating, but don't let its power hold you back. (If need be, destress with these crystals for anxiety or meditation apps.) 

No, Saturn is not the bad guy...

"Although Saturn doles out hard work, Saturn also rewards us when the work is done," Simmons says. 

Saturn might be disguised as the bad guy (*cue the Billie Eilish*), but the planet wants more than anything to keep your life on track. This might cause you to lose things that are meaningful and part ways with people you love, but it's only to help you fulfill your true purpose. 

"What Saturn wants to do is strip your life of anything that's not in line with your growth—friendships, marriages, jobs, people," Montufar adds. 

Whether or not you want to play by Saturn's rules, the planet will ensure that you do. If you're trying to resist, good luck!

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What is a Saturn return?

The planet orbits the sun, but quite slowly—every 29.4 years to be exact. Sure, it's powerful, but fast-moving, it's not. 

However, once we do reach the 30-year pivotal moment, that's when your life can possibly undergo changes.

"It's kind of like adulting," Montufar says. "When you get your Saturn return, it has to take a hard look at life and see what are you doing wrong—what is no longer in line with the person you're becoming."

Tips for dealing with Saturn

Simmons recommends exploring Saturn's position in our astrological birth chart placements to see areas in which we can approve. Meanwhile, writer, witch and psychic Melissa St. Hilaire (@americanwitch13) believes that Saturn's intensity is a perfect time to take a step back and reassess.

"When Saturn plays a role in our lives, it's best to start focusing on what is realistic for us to achieve right now," she says. "How can we work within our clearly defined boundaries in order to manifest our dreams? How can we set healthy boundaries if we don't have any?"

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