Your sex life can get a boost from sunlight, so soak up that vitamin D

Want to amp up your sex life? Head outdoors

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A new study reveals that your sex life can experience a little boost thanks to a few minutes soaking up the sun, so you might want to have your Ray-Bans—and SPF, of course—handy. If you're feeling deficient in Vitamin D and orgasms, perhaps now is the time to consider taking that lunch break outdoors. (It's for your health benefits, after all.)

According to Cell Reports, ultraviolet B exposure enhances the levels of sex-steroid hormones and sexual behavior that are mediated by the skin. It also enhances the sexual responsiveness and attractiveness of females and male-female interactions. In essence, this means that the center of our solar system can ramp up our feelings of passion and act as an aphrodisiac. Who knew?!

Does sunlight affect your sex life?

We're so overly focused on celestial activities—when is the next full moon? what does the new moon calendar look like?—that we've completely skipped over the most significant star out there. Sure we might use lunation to predict what's in store for our lives and relationships, but the sun has science-back data that proves it could put you in a playful mood, and that's certainly worth celebrating.

Considering July is the friskiest month of the year, we had to assume that the sun plays some sort of role in the pleasure department, right? It seems that after-sex glow can be both literal and figurative, though this is not a reason to forgo SPF. 

We're certainly anxious for the fall and gorgeous sunny days basking in that autumnal bliss. But if the cooler months have you fearful of bad weather, don't sweat it. We've uncovered the best app-controlled vibrators that'll keep you plenty busy and frisky when the clouds roll in. Rain or shine, your sex life will still be top-notch.

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