What are sneaky links on TikTok? The social media phenomenon explained

What to know about sneaky links, the racy hashtag that's taken over TikTok

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What's with the term "sneaky links"? It's one of the wildest TikTok trends 2021 gifted us, that's for sure. 

From life hacks to makeup tutorials, the video-sharing platform always seems to provide a wealth of information we never knew we needed. In some cases, the platform's viral trends skew towards risqué ideas, especially as of late. (Did you see those viral sex chocolates making the rounds?) 

The term "sneaky links" has raked in millions of views across multiple hashtags. But what exactly does this new slang entail? Allow us to fill you in. 

Essentially, this is social media's way of allowing quick hookups to come to fruition. "Sneaky links" let TikTok users arrange an in-person meet up for a casual fling, and some platform users go so far as to have a dedicated sneaky links schedule—commitment for the commitment-phobes.

You might be familiar with the "Sneaky Links" song that accompanies many a video. Catch the HXLLYWOOD track below. Of course, you've heard that song on your FYP. 


♬ Sneaky Link - HXLLYWOOD

The sneaky link meetup is intended to be a secretive, no-strings rendezvous—think the kind of clandestine meeting one would set up with their side piece or forbidden lover. (Why you would then put said secret meeting on social media is beyond us.) 

The truly dedicated #SneakyLinks followers also share their go-to beauty buys and intimate items and toys that they use the night of. (We told you to hold onto your hats!) And, according to a few videos under the #SneakyLinks hashtag, one of the most important rules is to never fall for said sneaky links—it's all about being casual.

When it comes to TikTok, sneaky links manifest as memes, lingerie shots, beauty go-to's and, at times, a bit too much information. See some examples of sneaky links below: 


VS haul😇💗 ##fyp ##foryou ##sneaklink ##haul

♬ Goosebumps_HVME_Remix - CATWALKER

good evening😴✨ ##fyp ##foryou ##showertok ##forthegirls ##victoriassecret ##sneaklink ##selfcare


For those who are keen on sticking with TikTok's cleaning hacks rather than setting up any sneaky links of their own, there are still plenty of other ways to enjoy a steamy evening.

Need a few tips? We've got you: sex toys promise a big O with minimal effort, and our favorite app-controlled vibrators are making a buzz. Take for example the Lovense Nora (our review calls it "mind-blowing" and touts its G-spot stimulating spinning head), which has gone viral thanks to a humorous sex toy video about the device on Twitter.

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No matter what steamy phenomenon has captured millennial minds—from the most popular sex toys to sneaky links Q's and everything in between—we're always here to help you learn more.

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