It's time to spring clean your sex life, according to the experts—here's how

Need a romance refresh? Angie Rowntree will help you spring clean your sex life with these sexpert tips and tricks

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Don't get caught up on windows or rugs: it's time to spring clean your sex life. Dare we say it's a little more exciting than that living room once-over you've been planning?!

According to expert Angie Rowntree, the founder and director of, appliances and furniture aren't the only things that need a little TLC when the warm weather hits. Our bodies need also need a refresh and a break from winter sex. (Fuzzy socks be damned.) 

While you're in the mood to make things sparkle and shine, read up on the expert-backed tips for cleaning sex toys and allow Rowntree to make this season your steamiest one yet. 

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Angie Rowntree works to destigmatize adult entertainment. Its extensive collection of films, sex-ed videos, ASMR and erotic audio content make it the premiere destination for sex-positive, ethical porn made from a woman's point of view. 

How to spring clean your sex life, according to a pro

Whether it's taking those frisky activities outside or resetting your sex life with a naughty to-do list, Rowntree will make those springtime activities worth waiting for. That mopping you had previously planned will likely take a back seat.

1. Have sex outside

Though you might be accustomed to your bed, or perhaps a few sofa sex positions, Rowntree suggests having a shag out in the wild (within limits, of course).  

"It not surprising that adventuresome couples might start looking to the great outdoors for their next fantasy," she says. "Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to get busy on the beach blanket or in your tent–and know that you’re in good company."

There are a few factors to be mindful of: bring the proper sun care, insect repellent and a towel for your activities, and do be aware of your surroundings. Make sure you don't leave anything behind when the fun wraps up.

"Show some respect for the pristine scenery you are getting frisky in, and also respect the wildlife and don’t leave litter," Rowntree adds. 

2. Remove negativity and doubts

Think of the warm weather as a time in which to reset your mindset as well, especially when it comes to your time in the bedroom (or in this case the camping tent). 

"No more negative self-talk or other people’s opinions holding you back," Rowntree says. "If there’s that one fantasy that you and your partner keep agreeing “Oh yeah, we should try that sometime,” then make it your mission to finally check it off your bucket list."

She insists that spring is all about adventure, so it's time to embrace it.

3. Get away

Vacation sex is friskier, studies say, but if you can't plan a getaway now, Rowntree has a way for you to indulge your wanderlust and sexual appetite. Passports not required and sex toys are encouraged. 

"On, our cinematic erotic films love to take you places..literally too," she says. "If you can’t get away on vacation yet, or it’s too rainy to flirt and frolic outside, check out some of these films that have a spring/summer vibe, which are perfect to pair with your favorite vibe–or favorite play partner, consequently."

Some of her suggestions include Stranger in Venice, A Day In Paradise and Bretagne. 

4. Plan ahead

Summer is going to be sizzling, that's for sure. 

"You can use this time to kickstart your next hot girl summer early," Rowntree says. "If you have that reunion coming up, a friend/relative’s wedding, or have some vacation days saved, start making plans to give yourself the adult summer fun that you deserve–and that’s whether you are single or in a relationship."

And since the temperatures are going to be just as hot as the activities, do be sure to have a look at the best sex positions for a scorching summer. They'll help you turn up the heat but still stay cool.

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