How 2022's Love Island Talent Show lived up to these iconic performances

It was an interesting night, that's for sure

Indiyah playing the recorder on Love Island 2022
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As the Love Island 2022 final approaches, our 2022 islanders had the chance to debut all their hidden skills, with the return of the Love Island Talent Show—and while we saw everything from rap performances to a speed-made carbonara, how did our season eight islanders compare to their predecessors? 

The list of best Love Island memes never gains more entries than with Talent Show Night—and in the islander's defenses, much like the Heart Rate Challenge, they really do go for it. This year was no different, we saw Luca embody the spirit of Troy Bolton (just minus his angelic voice) while Indiyah serenaded the villa on the recorder.

So now that we've seen what our cast can do, how did this year's talent show live up to past seasons'?

The performances from 2022's Love Island Talent show

Danica's dance

Danica was the first islander to set out onto the firepit floor and to be fair to her, she smashed it. She showed off her professionally dancing skills and had arguably the most technical and skilled performance of the night.

Dami's rap

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Dami entertained his fellow islanders with a villa-themed rap where he roasted and joked about everyone. While the lyrics were good, his rapping skills were...well not so much. As Indiyah said, she wouldn't be a good girlfriend if she gave his performance a 'ten.'

Tasha and her cup

Tasha recreated the iconic scene in Pitch Perfect with Anna Kendrick—with just her voice and an accompanying cup for backing music. While she did lose it in the middle, she got back on track with some encouragement from the rest of the islanders and overall, it was cute. 

Gemma and Paige's rendition of 'My Humps'

Paige and Gemma shocked everyone with their version of 'My Humps' by the Black Eyed Peas. The pair knew every word, with Gemma even going solo at one point. While it was a bit cringy, we'd give it a 10 out of 10 for effort.

Ekin-Su's 'drama' speech

Ekin-Su stepped out dressed like a beauty queen, crowned for being 'drama queen' of the villa but her speech was anything but. She showered all her fellow female islanders with compliments and inspirational words about their Love Island journey. While it was very wholesome, we're not sure we'd call it a talent.

Adam's magic trick

Now Adam's performance was pretty impressive. He performed a card trick with Paige, who had to split the deck in half, and then into four piles, after having also shuffled the cards.

Somehow, Adam managed to get all the ace's in the deck to the top of each of the four piles. We've also had our suspicions that Mr Collard has some sort of magic ability, the way that guy can graft.

Jamie's fancy footwork

Jamie, the last of the four bombshells to have entered the villa, showed off his football skills. He did about a million 'kicky-uppies' and scored a goal on Danica, though some of the other male contestants were pretty sure they could have replicated his moves. We'll believe that when we see it!

Davide's cooking show

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'Cooking with Davide' was definitely a real highlight of the night. The Italian hunk showed off his culinary skills, whipping up a carbonara and the speed of light and feeding it to the islanders. 

Despite covering a few of the villa's plants in egg, we think he did a great job.

Indiyah's recorder solo

Indiyah's version 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' on the recorder was giving Millie vibes. We really admire the effort but those high notes were pretty painful.

Andrew's Villa tour

Andrew was a bit of a dark horse in the Talent Show. He gave the islanders a very funny villa viewing with a miniature of the iconic love pad, where he really roasted his fellow contestants—especially Tasha, who seemed to enjoy it.

Luca's performance of 'Breaking Free'

Luca serenading the villa (especially Gem) with High School Musical's iconic Ballard 'Breaking Free' and while we really gave it his all—the boy is tone-deaf.

While it was a good lineup, not all of 2022's performances will be making it onto the roster of 'best ever' except maybe Indiyah's—because it was pretty iconic—maybe she and Millie could collab?

 The best Love Island Talent Show moments if all time

1. Millie and the Love Island piano

We still think about Millie Court’s keyboard rendition of Ed Sheeran’s Perfect at least once a week for two reasons—first, it was the longest two minutes of our lives (no offense Millie) and secondly, we can never forget the islanders' very contrasting reactions to it.

While the likes of Liam Reardon and some of the other villa boys were watching her admiringly and enjoying the soothing notes—her best-bud Chloe was barely keeping it together as she tried not to crack a smile. 

All jokes aside, Millie did a great job but the whole scenario became a viral moment—with her being edited into the backgrounds of some of the most memorable Love Island moments. You can even spy a cartoon version of her in a number of ITV2’s Love Island ads.

2. Luke T and Siânnise’s dance routine

This moment from season six was a real surprise—and a good one at that. The duo came out and performed a perfectly synchronized and seriously profession-looking dance routine that blew us all away. 

While they sadly are no longer on the list of Love Island couples that are still together, the chemistry in this dance alone proved they were a true love match.

3. Chris, Kem and Theo’s rap

Chris, Kem and Theo’s rapping throughout series three is still, to this day, among one of the best moments of the show—especially that time Chris asked if he should rap to ‘lift the mood.’

The trio got up and performed an original piece with Theo on the piano and well…see for yourself, see minute 4:42.

How they didn’t score a music career after this, we’ll never know.

4. Chloe the math genius

After barely containing her laughter at Millie’s performance, Chloe then got up to prove she was a maths whizz. She had her fellow islanders shout out equations as she worked them out—until Liberty asked her to divide 250 by seven…(see minute 1:12)

5. Priscilla's killer moves

In the same lineup as Luke T and Siânnise’s synchro-dance, Priscilla did not let it intimidate her as she pulled out some seriously impressive moves that had all the islanders on their feet. You love to see it!

6. Kady’s tap dancing

Kady blew viewers away by debuting a very secret talent of tap dancing!  Though in her series the competition was called 'Miss Love Island' and only saw the girls debut their talents.

7. Liam channelling Tom Jones

Liam followed in Millie’s footsteps with musical talent, belting out Tom Jones’ It’s Not Unusual to his fellow islanders—and while he did his best, viewers couldn’t help but point out that Millie had previously shared that his singing gave her the ‘ick’ (see minute 9:14).

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