The luckiest places in the world to visit for a dose of good fortune

Because we all could use some luck! Add the luckiest places in the world to your travel bucket list

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We could all use some positivity...and a vacation. Allow the luckiest places in the world to inspire your 2022 travel itinerary. 

When you're feeling comfortable enough to hop aboard an international flight or trek through your local train station, the world's most fortuitous spots will give you a much-needed boost. Where do we sign up?

After a difficult few years stuck at home, we're all anxious to explore the world around us. What better way to usher in a vacation rebirth than with pitstops to locales that exude fortune? Add 'em to the list of extraordinary places to visit in 2022 and be prepared to manifest those feel-good sentiments.

The top 10 luckiest places in the world:

So, what spots embody a four-leaf clover, shooting star and horseshoe? decided to do some digging in order to find out. 

According to monthly search volumes, the number of TripAdvisor reviews and the amount of Instagram hashtags, here are the top 10 luckiest places in the world. Prepare to throw pennies in fountains and take a few selfies!

Can we have a drumroll, please?

10. Casa di Giulietta in Verona, Italy

Literary lovers will delight in a visit to this 13th century home that's said to have inspired Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. 

9. The Charging Bull in New York, New York

Arturo Di Modica's bronze statue found a home in the Financial District shortly after the 1987 stock market crash. It's meant to symbolize a thriving market and provide a sense of hope, even when times get tough.

8. Pont des Arts in Paris, France

One of the most romantic locations in the City of Lights, the bridge is meant to signify romance, and many visitors used to chain love locks to its gates. (Due to their weight and damage to the bridge's infrastructure, the locks were removed in 2015.)

7. Sensō-ji in Tokyo, Japan

The ancient Buddhist temple is the oldest in Tokyo and dedicated to Asakusa Kannon, the god of mercy and happiness. 

6. Fushimi Inari-taisha in Kyoto, Japan

Considered the head shrine of the kami Inari, Fushimi Inari-taisha is one of the most notable locations in Japan. 

5. Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland

Famous for its stone of eloquence, Blarney Castle is nearly 600 years old. 

4. Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

Crossing the Vltava River, Prague's medieval marvel was named after King Charles IV and it is the oldest river still standing over the body of water to this day.

3. Hoover Dam on the Nevada-Arizona border

Dedicated to President Franklin Roosevelt, the Hoover Dam is the most visited dam in the world and is equivalent to a 60-story building, according to the National Park Service in the U.S.

2. Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey

Hagia Sophia, which was built in the 6th century, is a wonder of the world and one of the most beautiful churches across the globe. 

1. Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

Italy's tourist hotspot is the final point of Aqua Virgo, one of the earliest aqueducts in Rome and a work of art. Throw a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder; this means you'll one day return to Italy. 

Curious where else to visit? The remaining results from are as follows: 

  • Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand
  • Sacred Valley in Cuzco, Peru
  • Huangshan in Anhui Province, China
  • Tiwanaku in Tiwanaku Municipality, Bolivia
  • Mount Kailash in Tibet, China
  • Moais in Easter Island, Chile
  • The Callanish Stones in Isle of Lewis, Scotland
  • Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France
  • Callejón del Beso in Guanajunato, Mexico
  • Lucky Bay in Esperance, Australia
  • Hill of Tara in Meath, Ireland
  • El Brujo in Trujillo, Peru
  • Paro Taktsang in Paro, Bhutan
  • Abraham Lincoln’s Tomb in Illinois, United States
  • Bourke's Luck Potholes in Moremela, South Africa
  • Lingyin Temple in Zhejiang, China
  • Temple of Portunus in Rome, Italy
  • Stump Pass Beach in Florida, United States
  • Sripuram Golden Temple in Vellore, India
  • Fountain of Wealth in Suntec City, Singapore
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