Was the TikTok Towel challenge solved? Allow us to break down the viral trend

You've heard of the TikTok Towel challenge. Solved it yet? It's not as easy as you'd think!

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How is the TikTok Towel challenge solved? 

We've mastered TikTok bikini hacks and seemingly doubled our swimwear wardrobe, but the silly, summery obstacle isn't quite as easy. If you don't watch closely, it seems almost impossible. 

In this trending hashtag on TikTok, beach-goers task themselves with interlocking towels and trying to escape. The trick? They can't let go. There's a lot of bending involved, so you'll want to make sure you're up on those yoga moves before giving it a whirl.

Whether you're poolside or or catching some waves, here's what you need to know about attempting the viral challenge.

Was the TikTok Towel challenge solved?

On your way to take a dip? Excellent! Make sure to grab two towels (preferably different colors so they're easy to distinguish) and find a buddy. From there, you two will grip your towel from each side before interlocking them with one another. Once you are both inseparable, it's game time!

You'll need some flexibility and ingenuity, but this is nothing you shouldn't be able to attempt. With a few twists, turns and generous stretches, it appears that some have managed to escape and set their towels free. Considering #twotowelchallenge has garnered over 10 million views, someone was bound to figure it out, right? Let's take a look at a few examples and see what we can debunk! 

TikTok Towel Challenge Examples


It is possible!!! #fyp #twins #twotowelchallenge

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The brothers/partners in crime behind @vorostwins seem to have nailed the summer task. They took to the platform—armed with a pink and blue towel—to prove to their followers that they've cracked the code. 

But their declaration of victory didn't seem to convince some users. While some followers found Operation Towel a success, others thought it was slightly convenient that the towel-hand combo was out of view from the camera in a few instances. (It's hard to hide anything from eagle-eyed TikTokers.) 

"You can't fool us," one commenter wrote. "Well done hand switch, don't think I didn't see it," another added. 

Perhaps people wouldn't have been dubious if they didn't turn their backs to the camera? 


if anyone cracked this tag them plz ! ##fypシ ##relationship ##HotwireHotelGoals ##twotowelchallenge

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Arguably more interesting than the challenge itself is this @limitless.love couple's interaction with one another. They've fully committed to untangling their fleece blankets but fall short...and end up right back where they started. 

Unlike with @vorostwins, the attempts are in plain view and users even point out moves they've should've made to unlock the blankets. If you're looking for outdoor date ideas or stay-at-home date ideas, the #twotowelchallenge seems to be gaining a lot of popularity. 


This is harder than it looks… ##fyp ##towelchallenge ##couple ##twotowelchallenge

♬ Spongebob - Dante9k

In this example, @fayeharveysmithx blesses us with hilarious results. Even if you can't figure out how to break free, it gives you an excuse to get close to your partner and do a little flirting. That's a victory in it and of itself. (No need to unlock now!)

How is the TikTok towel challenge solved?

The verdict? It seems plausible to solve the TikTok challenge, but it all depends—how flexible are those who have accepted the towel challenge? How large are said towels? 

They do say if there's a will there's a way, but personally, this TikToker is going to skip out on the #twotowelchallenge and opt for the pesto eggs instead. Someone hand me an Always Pan—it's brunch time.

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