Who is Tina Leung from ‘Bling Empire: New York'? What we know about the Netflix star

Tina Leung and her colorful looks are a major staple in the fashion world. Get to know the 'Bling Empire: New York' stylista

PARIS, FRANCE - OCTOBER 01: Tina Leung attends the #BoF500 gala during Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023 on October 01, 2022 in Paris, France.
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It only made sense for Tina Leung to join the ultra-glamorous Bling Empire: New York cast—she's been serving fashion for years, after all.

When the Netflix series pivoted to the East Coast in January 2023, we were introduced to new faces, such as Richard Chang and Stephen Hung, and reunited with a series favorite (hello Dorothy Wang!) as we enjoyed drama as grand as the casts' bank accounts. And we also met one of the most fabulous new cast members, Tina Leung. 

"Fashion influencer Tina is close friends with Dorothy and introduces her to her social circle in New York," reads Netflix's official cast description of Leung. "Supporting herself financially, Tina must stay on top of the latest trends and build relationships within the fashion world." And we loved getting a sneak peek into her life, dating world and, of course, closet. 

"My style changes all the time," she confessed to Fashionista. "Sometimes it can be like an eclectic patchwork of things; other times, I can be sleek, in all black. It changes with my mood, but in New York, I can go a little kookier."

Intrigued? If you're not caught up on the first season of Tina's Bling Empire: New York journey, let's get to know the fashionista-turned-reality star—including everything about her net worth and her career.

Who is Tina Leung from 'Bling Empire: New York'?

Though raised in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, Tina from Bling Empire studied at Bristol University in England—before the fashion stylist and blogger ultimately found her way to New York City. After a few years at the Fashion Institute of Technology, she leveraged her experience into a career of styling, writing and more, though she prefers not to call herself an "influencer," according to Fashionista

Know for her bold styles and even bolder hair color (which appears to be a mint-green hue at the moment), Leung is a fashion powerhouse. 

She has collaborated with luxury brands like Valentino, created designs for Keds and regularly sits front-row at Fashion Week presentations. She's hoping, per her chat with Fashionista, to showcase her love for AAPI designers like Private Policy by Haoran Li and Siying Qu while on Bling Empire: New York

Tina Leung age: how old is she?

Born on March 27, 1982, Tina Leung has very recently turned 41 years old (meaning she is a bold, fiery Aries—does this come as a surprise to anyone in tune with the stars?)

To celebrate her recent birthday, she shared a post of Instagram of images of herself from her childhood, captioned, "Oh, the things I’d tell you. The hugs I’d give you. What I would share with my younger self if I could. I love you. 🎂 Happy birthday. 💞"

Tina Leung net worth: what is she valued at?

It's been reported that Tina Leung is worth anywhere from $1 to $5 million. 

And if you're wondering about the rest of the Bling Empire: New York cast net worth, we did some calculating—and you might be surprised to see who sits above and below Tina on the list.

Tina Leung Instagram: what's her handle?

You can find Tina Leung from Bling Empire: New York on Instagram at the handle @tinaleung. Her page, which boasts more than 521,000 followers at the time of publishing, gives us a peek into her enviable wardrobe and regular travels to luxe locations like Aspen, Miami, Doha and more. 

She also shares plenty of stylish modelling shots, as well as selfies taken in (obvs) super glamorous locations.

Tina Leung family: does she have siblings?

Leung is the first-born of her family and shares a close-knit bond with her three younger sisters, Katrina, Alda and Tawny. 

According to The Cinemaholic, Tina Leung's family presented somewhat of a challenged to her during childhood, due to her father's spending habits, regular travels, and her mother's erratic behavior—which likely explains why she takes on the role of the protector for her siblings. 

It's reported that her father primarily worked as business executive producing baby goods for large organizations, but Tina has been frank about the fact that she was not hugely close to her parents when she was younger. 

She also spoke about her family's changing financial fortunes across her childhood during the Netflix series, explaining that, "My dad did very well for himself at one point… He had a driver that was also a bodyguard. He had a private jet to take him places, and we were always first class, but then that disappeared.

"So, I had to become financially independent in my early 20s."

Who is Tina Leung friends with?

On Netflix, we get a look at Tina Leung of Bling Empire fame and her friend group, "The Slaysians," a group of AAPI fashion industry heavyweights, which include Phillip Lim, Prabal Gurung, Ezra J. William and Laura Kim. Although they all know a thing or two about style, they allegedly connected over their shared love of Asian cuisine. 

Tina Leung husband: is she married?

At this time, it appears that Tina Leung is single, though we're definitely bound to get more of an insight into her love life if we get a Bling Empire: New York season 2! 

She has spoken previously about her love life, sharing that, "All my past relationships were bad. Honestly, none of them have treated me well."

So here's hoping she starts feeling more comfortable, and is treated better whilst out on the dating scene going forward!

See Tina Leung in Bling Empire: New York, which is now streaming on Netflix. Once you're all caught up in NYC, have a look at our favorite shows like Bling Empire

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